Monday, December 5, 2016

Are You Ready for Something Different?

Are you ready to take the skills you already have and put those towards that degree you have always wanted? Well, now’s your chance! Join us on Thursday, December 8th from 5:30pm to 7:30pm for Peirce Night where you can learn how Peirce College can help you get the degree you need for the career you deserve!

It’s open house, so stop by when you can, grab a free swag bag, a bite of great food, and get access to the following exclusive offers that make taking the next step a little bit easier: 
  •         We’ll waive the $50 re-application fee
  •         A $100 book voucher when you register for classes *
  •        Entry into a Peirce Fitbit® raffle

Your personal enrollment expert will also be on hand to guide you so you can move forward:
  •        One-on-one college counseling and free, on the spot transcript evaluation to identify the right degree path for you
  •        Tour Peirce College’s campus and learn about our customized student support services
  •         Learn about Peirce Fit ™, our revolutionary learning model that lets you choose each week either to attend class in person or online.
  •         Understand how competency-based education can help put you on the most direct path to a degree, if you’re interested in IT.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to take the first step toward earning your degree!

*$100 book voucher will be awarded to students who register for classes by the week of 1/17/17 for text book purchases only.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Peirce's Online Intensive Winter Session Is Here!

Interested in accelerating your degree path? Now you can by taking advantage of Peirce's Online Intensive Winter Session!
Winter courses are three weeks long, and run from December 26 through January 15. These courses meet entirely online, allowing you to learn from home or anywhere else with an internet connection and making it easy for you to fit them into your busy holiday season. 
Since winter courses take place between other sessions, you will not be taking any other courses at the same time. There are no pre-course or post-course assignments for intensive winter courses; all of your work is to be completed during the three-week winter session. 
The following classes are offered for the 2016-2017 session:
·         BUS100 – Introduction to Business
·         FIN100 – Introduction to Personal Finance
·         HCA101 – Introduction to Healthcare Administration
·         HCA210 – Healthcare Delivery in the US
·         HIT100 – Medical Terminology
·         HIT101 – Introduction to Health Information Management
·         HUM102 – Introduction to Ethics
·         HUM105 – World Religions
·         LAW103 – Business Law
·         MGT310 – Ethical Leadership
·         PSY101 – Introduction to Psychology
·         PSY270 – Abnormal Psychology
·         SCI220 – The Physical World
·         SOC101 – General Sociology

Don’t let winter break slow you down; keep pushing through to earn your degree! Our expert Peirce faculty will be on hand to support you through your Winter Session course as you earn 3 credits in 3 weeks. The deadline to enroll is December 14th.  Contact your academic advisor today! 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hope. Dreams. Degree Completion.

“I never gave up hope.” –Diana Kirkland, Peirce College Class of 2016

Diana Kirkland is one of many students who entered Peirce College with a dream, a desire, and a passion to do more. She is also one of the many Peirce students and alums who achieved her goal of a college degree through hard work, encouragement, and the support of the Peirce community.

Graduates like Diana are what we like to call opportunity students. They must balance work, school, family, and other obligations all while chasing that end goal: degree completion. For more than 151 years, Peirce College has made practical education and learning accessible, affordable, and relevant for working adults and their families, so everyone has the chance to make their dreams a reality.

But we need your support in order to make this happen. On November 29th, Peirce College will participate in #GivingTuesday, an international day of generosity that empowers you to invest in important causes. In this season of hope and gratitude, please consider giving to the Peirce College Annual Fund.  Every donation will make a difference in preparing and equipping our students to take on the challenges of the 21st century knowledge economy. At Peirce, we hope to utilize the donations in a way in which academic support and career counseling services can be bolstered, new courses of study can be developed to meet the region’s increasing need for skilled employees, and to make supportive financial aid and scholarships available to ensure that all students are able to achieve their goals.

Any amount is welcomed; your participation is what makes the difference.  To participate in #GivingTuesday, please visit our secure website today for more information and to make a donation. Thank you in advance for taking the opportunity to help our Peirce students achieve their goal of earning a college degree.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Be the office hero – host a Pizza Party on Peirce!

Help us spread the word about Peirce’s new competency-based degree program with your IT department and we’ll buy you and your IT co-workers lunch! 

Peirce College is proud to offer Philadelphia’s first and only competency-based bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. It’s flexible, self-paced, online learning for today’s IT professional, and offers the most direct path to earn a degree.

We want all IT professionals in the region to be aware of this exciting new program so we're looking for your help with spreading the word, one pizza at a time. If you have an IT department of 10 or more at your workplace and would be willing to sponsor a pizza party for your IT colleagues, send an email to We’ll order the pizza and send along some Peirce freebies and materials about our CBE program for your colleagues to enjoy.

Email us today with the subject line: "Office Hero" and we’ll start planning!


Maximum of three pizzas will be provided per event. Emails must be received at least two weeks in advance of the proposed date. Sponsors must be current students, staff, faculty, or alumni of Peirce College, and must secure the appropriate approvals from their organization prior to the event. The College cannot be held accountable for any interactions with the independent pizza vendor. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

You’re Invited to Visit Week!

This is a guest post from Health Programs Assistant Professor Kathleen Watson.

Have you ever wondered if Healthcare might be the right major for you? Or maybe you want to come back to school but are interested in checking out some of the classes you could take?
Say no more – now you can, at Health Programs Visit Week!

From November 14th to 17th, 2016, select courses in Peirce College’s Healthcare Programs are open to current and prospective students, to give you a sense of what non-clinical healthcare is all about and to meet our accomplished and experienced faculty.

Seven courses are available throughout the week:

Monday, November 14th:

HCA320: Public and Community Health
Room 33
Professor Kate Watson
Visitors welcome from 5:30-7:00 p.m.


HCA340: Financing Healthcare
Room 37
Professor Jackie Penrod
Visitors welcome from 5:30-9:30 p.m.


HIT101: Intro to HIM
Room 59
Professor Jamie Loggains
Visitors welcome 5:30-9:30 p.m.

Tuesday, November 15th:

HIT215: Legal Aspects of Health Information
Room 32
Professor Jackie Penrod
Visitors welcome from 5:30-9:30 p.m.


HCA220: Cultural Competency for Healthcare
Room 63
Professor Kate Watson
Visitors welcome from 5:30-7:00 p.m.

HIA380: Organizational Development and Strategic Planning
Room 41
Professor Jackie Penrod
Visitors welcome from 5:30-9:30pm


HIT250: Quality and Performance Improvement in HIM
Room 64
Professor Todd Nickelsberg
Visitors welcome from 5:30-9:30 p.m.

This is a chance to "drop in" on a course and check it out! You are allowed to sit in for 30 minutes to listen to the Professor teach, see how the students interact, and get a sense of what the course material is like. You can ask questions and hear from the enrolled students what they think about the class. No RSVP required-- just show up!

If you have questions, contact me at  I look forward to seeing you at Visit Week!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mastering the Art of Job Searching

This is a guest post from Peirce Career Development Counselor Leslie Ballway. 

Have you ever felt like job searching is a waste of time?  That your efforts are not seeing results?  It is so easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed during the job searching process.  How can we make sure that the work we are putting in will result in the outcomes – new jobs, better salaries, career changes – we want?  Here are some steps to follow to keep yourself on track to achieve those goals!


Years ago, resumes were just lists of duties from previous jobs.  How boring!  Demand the attention of hiring managers by detailing your accomplishments and use numbers to quantify those results.  For instance, “completed cash, credit, and debit transactions” is snooze-worthy.  “Awarded 100% Mystery Shopper Rating while managing over $5,000 in daily sales” is more interesting and tells a story of how you set yourself apart from the competition.  This informs hiring managers of the type of employee you will be – outstanding!
Once you get your resume into an easy-to-read format citing your accomplishments, it’s time to bring in the job description.  Yes, that’s right; you can and should customize your resume for the job you want.  This allows hiring managers to quickly identify you as a good fit for their position without relying on their imagination (or lack thereof!).  You should also ensure that your resume includes contextualized keywords from the job posting to pass online application filters.
Your cover letter is the time to tell potential employers why you will shine in the position.  Use examples of previous successes, draw parallels between the company mission and your own passion, and hone in on what makes you the best candidate for the position.
Check out job searching websites such as Peircelink, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor to scope out interesting opportunities, research companies, and connect with hiring managers.  Just as you research companies, remember that they are likely doing the same for you!  Google yourself and ensure your social media presence – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – is presenting your best self.

Present Yourself

Your next step is to prepare yourself for interviews and networking events.  Develop a 30-Second “Elevator Pitch” to answer the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question.  Be concise, memorable, and lead with your strongest benefit to the company.  Strategize answers to common interview questions like your greatest strength, your biggest weakness, and how you managed a difficult or stressful situation.  CDS can help you optimize your answers to ensure you are making the best impression.
Did you know that you can bring a portfolio into an interview?  Load up a folder or binder with copies of your resume, the job description, notes about the company, questions for the interviewer, three professional references, and examples of your excellence (think aced school projects, writing samples, awards, and/or letters of recommendation).  Don’t be afraid to take notes during the interview so you can remember key discussions.
Lastly, assemble your interview suit and practice wearing it – it will help you feel more confident (especially if you don’t normally wear suits) and prevent unforeseen wardrobe malfunctions.


Are you missing the crucial follow-up step?  Calling to introduce yourself to a hiring manager transforms you from a name on a paper to a human connection.   After the interview, remember to mind your manners: send an email or letter thanking the interviewer for their time.  This will reiterate your interest and remind a busy interviewer of your conversation.
Your final step may just be the most important one: stay positive and focused.  Keep applying and don’t take rejection personally.  Your opportunity will come!

Friday, October 21, 2016

This Fall, Show Your Peirce Pride!

We often get queries from students and alums asking how they can purchase Peirce College apparel or spirit wear. We’re happy to share that Peirce College apparel is now available in our e-campus bookstore! Choose from a selection of t-shirts and sweatshirts that allow you to display your Peirce pride, and help us spread the word to others about the college that really works for working adults.
We’re excited to hear your feedback, so if there’s a Peirce Pride item that you’d really like to see in the Peirce bookstore, let us know at This is a great way for you, your family, and friends to represent Peirce College—and start the conversation in your community about how Peirce helps working adults earn the degrees they need for the careers they deserve.
To start shopping today, click here.  
For more information about how Peirce College supports our adult learners, click here.