Monday, August 31, 2020

From PA to VA; From Bachelor’s to Master’s

This story was originally published on Peirce College’s website found here.

In 2018, Peirce College introduced Robin Johnson, at the time a current Organizational Leadership student, who was passionate about her education and profession.

Fast forward two years and this 2018 Women Veterans Award Honoree of the Year is now a Class of 2020 graduate!

After being encouraged and supported by colleague William Blackman, Robin Johnson first started at Peirce College in 2017. “William Blackman continued to talk about Peirce College to me and pushed me to call,” said Robin. “I knew I needed some type of paper in order to progress in my field and I saw all my colleagues going back to school. Finally, I listened to Blackman and I called Karen, my Enrollment Specialist.”

Robin initially chose the Organizational Leadership program because it aligned well with what she does in the military combining her interest and experience in human resources and leadership. What she ended up getting from the program was so much more.

“What I learned by coming to Peirce College and joining the Organizational Leadership program is almost too much to name. The intimacy of the small class sizes and the relationships you create with staff, faculty and your classmates are things I will never forget,” explained Robin. “One professor in particular, Professor Chris Nosal, was so kind and approachable and I’ll always remember him saying to us, ‘I am here for you; I will continue to be here for you; we will go through this journey together.’ Those words stuck with me and it’s little things like that that make the Peirce experience so worthwhile.”

During Robin’s Peirce journey, she actually decided to switch up her position in the military and apply for a position that aligned even more closely with her new degree. Her new position as Family Readiness and Program Coordinator for the National Guard Bureau exposes Robin to human resources opportunities while allowing her to take her education from the classroom to the workplace.

She said, “After landing this new position, I remember my supervisor asking me where I could see myself in five years and I said I wanted to work my way to Master Sergeant. I knew this new position and my new degree would help me because I was now more competitive with my peers and ranked higher on the list for promotions.”

Robin had a goal in mind and she was ready to do whatever she could to achieve it. So, with her career path set, Robin graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership in the Class of 2020.

But she wasn’t done yet.

“I always said I was never going to go for my master’s degree. I said I was definitely done after my bachelor’s, but I couldn’t help but be inspired by others. I met so many people during my Peirce journey who kept going, so I knew if they could do it, so could I.”

This Fall of 2020, Robin will proudly start in Peirce College’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management program. She said, “Adding a master’s degree to my resume is going to skyrocket my career. My whole entire life is going to continue to improve with all this new education. I know I am going to land the career I desire and deserve.”

As Robin reflects back on her bachelor’s experience at Peirce and looks forward to her next degree, she said, “In the past, I put up roadblocks for myself, but I didn’t let myself this time. Peirce helped me feel confident enough to make it. When I changed positions, I moved to Virginia, which forced me to be an online student. Peirce made this possible. I could continue to get tutoring, attend events, and feel involved in all my classes from states away. I knew I could do anything with the love, commitment and support Peirce College faculty and peers provided to me.”

Congratulations to Robin on accomplishing her first degree at Peirce and good luck as she seamlessly transitions into her next!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Challenging and Motivating Each Other to the Finish Line – Meet Ashley and Thalia Rosario

This story was previously published on our website found here.

As first-generation college students, both Ashley and Thalia Rosario found themselves eager to go to college and earn a degree. Originally beginning their journey at the Community College of Philadelphia, they set their first goal to complete their associate degrees.

Ashley (left) and Thalia (right) Rosario with their daughter
“Ashley and I both come from families where college wasn’t really discussed. Neither of us had family members who had college degrees. Ashley was the first one to feel motivated to earn her degree and she inspired me to do the same,” said Thalia.

During their associate degree journey, both Ashley and Thalia decided they wanted to keep going and earn their bachelor’s degrees.

“Eventually, I want to go to law school, so I knew in order to get there I had to do what I needed to do, which meant earning my bachelor’s degree,” said Ashley.

They just didn’t know where they wanted to go.

Around the time the Rosarios started looking into schools for their next degrees, Thalia received an email from her employer about a partnership opportunity that provided a tuition discount. She said, “American Heritage, my employer, told me about the opportunity to go to Peirce College and the tuition discount. I looked into it and immediately applied.”

Ashley, on the other hand, looked around Philadelphia a bit longer weighing all her options. She said, “I was actually all set to go to a different college, but then Thalia and I had an exciting life event, which changed everything.”

Ashley was pregnant with her and Thalia’s first child and Ashley knew she needed to attend a school catered to working adults who had many responsibilities.

“Kieu Tran, Ashley and my Enrollment Specialist, was so helpful when I decided last minute to not attend my original school,” said Ashley. “Peirce allowed me to go to school online and since I was pregnant, I knew that was what I needed. At CCP, both Thalia and I were primarily online students, so this was a bonus for us to be able to continue with that flexibility now as we became parents.”

Thalia explained, “Kieu Tran was incredible during my application process. From the first time I reached out through starting classes, she did everything with me. So, when Ashley was pregnant and decided she may want to consider Peirce, too, I introduced her to Kieu."

Both Ashley and Thalia enrolled in Peirce College’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program. Luckily, they both were able to transfer in all the credits from their associate degrees from CCP to help expedite their process in earning their bachelor’s.

“Kieu helped both Ashley and me transfer in all our credits from CCP,” said Thalia. “Everyone we met at Peirce was always so helpful. They were always willing to help us both knowing it was a two-for-one deal.”

After transferring in credits and getting started with classes, Thalia and Ashley buckled down and focused on the end goal.

While they were working toward the end goal of a bachelor’s degree, Erin Henrici, Thalia and Ashley’s Academic Advisor, encouraged Thalia to gain the extra credential of earning her Certificate of Proficiency in Customer Service. “Some of the electives I was choosing fit right into this certificate, so Erin encouraged me to finish out the courses, so I’d graduate with a degree and a certificate,” said Thalia.

During their experience at Peirce College, they gained more than what they were originally looking for. “I gained not only academic knowledge, but I learned how to prioritize and focus, which was helpful beyond the classroom. We discussed real world topics in class, which has helped me in many ways and provided me a way to use my voice,” said Ashley.

Ashley practiced using her voice during some discussions where her and Thalia would have different opinions and outlooks on topics and they’d have the opportunity to challenge one another and ignite powerful conversations. Ashley said, “One of the things I will miss the most about going to school together is having Thalia challenge everything I say in a way that expands our relationship with one another.”

“I loved going to school with Ashley. I recommend it for everyone! If you have someone to go to school with, do it. It was like having a classroom at home where we would talk through discussions, assignments, etc. Nine times out of ten we would have different opinions and responses, so it was great to have the opportunity to talk these thoughts through and work together,” said Thalia.

In June 2020, the Rosarios proudly graduated and completed their next college goal. They both continue to have big dreams and have no plans of stopping.

“I am currently enrolled at Rutgers University for my Master of Science in Public Administration. My plan is to continue on to law school in the future,” said Ashley.

“I currently work in the Quality Control Department for American Heritage and I am eager to apply my new degree into my career,” said Thalia.

As a final note about their experience, they both shared some wisdom for other adults considering furthering their education. “Peirce College has an answer for every ‘excuse’ in the book an adult can try to convince themselves of when holding off on returning to school. There is no reason not to do it,” said Thalia.

“After giving birth to our daughter, I left the hospital on Saturday and started classes on Monday. When you want better, you have to do better and I knew earning a degree would help me achieve my goals, so I made the moves to do it. If you’re considering going back to school, go for it,” said Ashley.

Congratulations to both Ashley and Thalia on their amazing accomplishments!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Sisters by Blood, Graduates by Determination – Meet Jenna and Denise Edeline

This story was originally published on our website found here.

Going back to college as a working adult can seem like a daunting task. One piece of advice given to new students is to find a support system whether it be a spouse, parent, cousin, friend, or sibling.
For Jenna and Denise Edeline, they found support and encouragement as sisters both chasing their educational goals at Peirce College together.

Jenna Edeline (left) and Denise Edeline (right)
Both Jenna and Denise didn’t originally start their degree journeys at Peirce College, though. They each started at different universities seeking different career paths. For Jenna, she originally went into a nursing program, but after her interests changed and she ran into some physical and mental health issues, she decided to take a step back from college. Denise, who began at a different school not long after Jenna, said after starting classes, she didn’t think she was made for college and decided to come back to Philly to enter the workforce.

It wasn’t long, though, before Jenna had a realization about her desire to finish her degree. “A little over a year after stopping college, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. Looking at him made me want to give him so much more than I could currently offer. After a few months, I started looking into where to finish my degree.”

Luckily, Jenna and Denise’s aunt knew someone who went to Peirce and got a tuition discount as a City of Philadelphia employee. This immediately sparked Jenna’s interest, especially since she is a City of Philadelphia employee. “One of my biggest fears about going back to school was not being able to afford it, but as a City employee, there was hope I could do it with the discount and support,” explained Jenna.

Jenna contacted Peirce in the Fall of 2016 and started classes in the Spring of 2017 enrolling in Peirce’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program.

Denise, on the other hand, had a different journey back to college. After initially feeling as though she couldn’t complete school, she put her energy into the workforce and found herself moving from the food industry into a law firm where her interest for education began to grow again. “I started to really like what I was doing at my new job and my interest in furthering my education began to grow,” said Denise. “Jenna told me about Peirce and how I could take just a class or two a session and I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. I was terrified at first, but Jenna convinced me I could do it.”

So, in the Fall of 2018, Denise was officially enrolled in Peirce’s Associate in Science in General Studies program eager to achieve this goal.

Luckily, both Jenna and Denise were able to transfer in credits from their previous college experience helping to save them both time and money pushing them further along to get to their end goal even sooner. And before they knew it, they were at their finish line, officially earning their degrees in the 2019-2020 academic year as proud members of the Class of 2020.

Jenna said, “While at Peirce College, in the Business Administration program, I gained a sense of self-worth. Knowing I could earn my bachelor’s degree as a full-time employee while also being a mom makes me wonder what else I can do. It gave me the confidence to know I am strong enough and can succeed no matter what hand I am served in life. After receiving my degree, I was offered to take on more responsibilities in my department for the City of Philadelphia. I am currently a Service Representative, but am incorporating Safety Officer duties now thanks to earning my degree.”

Denise said, “From the General Studies program, I gained higher self-esteem and more confidence. I was told I would never get this far and I did it! I finally succeeded in life and have something to show for it. I chose this program because I knew it would introduce me to more interests and what I could strive to achieve with a bachelor’s degree.”

As they reflect back on their time at Peirce, they both explain their most valued points and memories in different ways.

Jenna said, “The aspect of my Peirce education I value the most is the faculty. I had such a smooth transition coming into a new school, and that is typically not easy for me. I always felt comfortable asking questions and the professors always boosted my confidence. Dr. Charlene Glenn, in particular, always pushed me to do better and each time I had her I wanted to prove to her I could do even better than the last time I had her. She encouraged me to continue my education and look into a master’s degree!”

Denise said, “I loved the professors, the flexible scheduling, and the self-confidence the College gave me. The flexible scheduling allowed me to complete work when I was able and allowed me to take classes at my pace. The confidence I gained proved to me I can do anything I put my mind to, even if others say differently.”

Although Jenna and Denise found the support they needed at Peirce, they also explained it wouldn’t have been possible without each other. They were born less than a year apart, so growing up, they have always gone to school together. Going to Peirce together just felt right.

“Before Denise started at Peirce, she would help me study and help edit my papers. Then, when Denise started, I did the same for her,” explained Jenna. “There were a few times when Denise wanted to give up, but I told her I wasn’t going to graduate without her. Sometimes I was beyond exhausted after being up all night with a toddler, and Denise would motivate me to keep going. I think we are lucky to have each other.”

Now, as Class of 2020 graduates, both Jenna and Denise are considering their next degrees looking into Peirce’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership & Management and the Bachelor of Science in Human Services Leadership, respectively.

As the sisters celebrate their recent accomplishments while preparing for what’s ahead, they both wanted to give a big thank you to their family for always being there and never giving up on them. They said, “A special thanks to our mom for always being our rock and for telling us if you have a dream or goal, never give up on it no matter how long it takes to get there.”

Congratulations to both Jenna and Denise! Peirce College hopes to see you both back soon.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Meet Robin Neary – the Class of 2020 Student Commencement Speaker

This story was originally published on Peirce College's website found here.

Robin Neary was able to work her way up the ladder in retail progressing from a sales person in the stores to an executive in corporate.

One day, she was having a conversation with a former boss, and that conversation ignited a whole new mindset.

“During one of my jobs, I was talking to my boss at the time and she told me how an applicant for a role wasn’t eligible for a promotion because they didn’t have their bachelor’s degree. My response was, ‘well I don’t have mine’ and my boss told me to keep that quiet and never tell anyone that. That felt like such a blow and made me really think about a lot of things in my life.”

A few years passed after this conversation, but Robin never forgot how it made her feel. When she was ready to transition out of retail into a new career, Robin realized that conversation had more truth to it than she could have ever imagined.

She said, “When I was attempting to move out of retail, it became obvious no one was looking at my resume. It wasn’t even making it through the algorithm into the first step because I didn’t have a bachelor’s degree.”

That is when Robin decided she was ready to enroll and change her future.

Robin partnered with Graduate! Philadelphia to find out more about adult education in the Philadelphia area. She met with Blake Scull, one of Peirce’s Enrollment Specialists, at a Graduate! Philadelphia event and the rest was history.

“I knew at the event, everyone was going to try and sell me their school, but I have been in sales a long time, so I knew what was authentic and what wasn’t. Blake was truly authentic and spoke to me like a person, listening to my story, providing his personal experience, and making me feel ready to tackle school,” explained Robin. “I had felt so competent in my career for so long, so to think of having to go back to school in my 40s felt crazy. Blake had all the right things to say, though, and the way he described Peirce made me feel like that was where I belonged.”

When it came time for Robin to select a program at Peirce, she was set on finding the one that would get her the degree as quickly as possible in the most affordable way. Luckily, Robin had earned a lot of college credits back in the 90s and was able to transfer those in to expedite her process.

Robin said, “When I first tried out college, I was an English Literature major, so I had tons of humanities credits. I knew I wanted to finish my degree as soon as possible, so Peirce worked with me to find the best path. I was able to transfer in over 60 credits and through the Organizational Leadership program, could finish in no time.”

Robin enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership program in the Fall of 2018 eager to tackle this goal. Her only hesitation was having to take a math class. She had a math phobia and feared it would, once again, hold her back from completing her degree. Fortunately, Robin discovered Peirce’s Walker Center for Academic Excellence and tackled this fear with confidence and ease.

“I no longer have a math phobia thanks to my professors and the Walker Center for Academic Excellence!” exclaimed Robin. “I spent my first year working with tutors in the Walker Center and my professors helped me every step of the way. I felt prepared and cared for the entire time. One professor in particular, Dr. Charlene Glenn, who taught at least five of my courses, was especially supportive and amazing throughout my journey. She helped me through a lot and even wrote me a scholarship recommendation letter.”

Robin added, “There is no one at Peirce College who feels as though they are above you. Everyone you meet is willing to help you succeed.”

After conquering math phobia, that wasn’t the only bump Robin ran into. During three of Robin’s sessions at Peirce, she got very sick, which caused her to run into some delays with her schoolwork. She said, “Every professor was always so accommodating and understanding at Peirce. If I needed an extension, extra help, or just some advice, they were always willing to do what they could to see me succeed. Even in my final session, when I was taking the last classes I needed to graduate, I had pneumonia and all my professors made sure I finished so I could graduate and accomplish my goal.”

And Robin did just that. She completed her bachelor’s degree in May 2020 and was eager to officially celebrate her graduation on June 23rd. Before she got to that celebration, though, she found out even more exciting news.

“I was encouraged to apply to be the Class of 2020 Student Commencement Speaker by Dr. Charlene Glenn. In previous jobs, I had to do a lot of public speaking, so I thought it would be a wonderful experience to represent my class and the school, so I applied. I knew how talented all of my classmates were, though, so I didn’t anticipate getting it. To my surprise, though, I was awarded this honor and was thrilled to speak on behalf of the Class of 2020. This honor was so impactful and meaningful for me. It made my whole journey come full circle.”

Now, as recent graduate, Robin is eager to take her accomplishments into the workplace and go into some sort of training and development role where she can combine her work experience with her new degree.

Congratulations to Robin on all of her accomplishments!

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

From Hospitality to IT – Meet Jad Driggers

This story was originally published on Peirce College’s website found here.

When Jad Driggers reached his late 30s, he came to the realization that many come to at some point in their career – he didn’t want to be in his industry anymore. With a background in culinary, restaurant and hospitality, Jad was ready to transition to a new career path that didn’t have quite the demanding schedule and hours.

Jad decided he would go back to school to earn a bachelor’s degree in an industry that would take him to the career path he always wanted.

As a father and husband, Jad knew he couldn’t just do the traditional educational route. He needed to find a program that fit his needs. After doing some research on schools who focus on non-traditional learners and working with his employer on their partner schools, Jad began his journey with Peirce College.

“I work for Select Health, a subsidiary of AmeriHealth Caritas and they originally encouraged me to look into non-traditional options. Peirce College was one of those options. I saw Peirce College had an Information Technology program and I could earn my degree through a competency-based format. After discovering Peirce College had a strong history in education and had the competency-based program established for a few years, I decided on Peirce.”

Jad enrolled at Peirce College in the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program in the Fall of 2017. Thanks to his unique career and educational history, Jad was able to transfer in some general studies courses and dive into the Competency-Based Education (CBE) program with credits completed and goals in mind.

During the program, Jad said he gained, “a deeper understanding of the IT industry. I learned a lot about information security and I was able to earn three different IT certifications while in the program.” Jad said this new degree and the certifications were sure to help him secure jobs in the future.

Jad wasn’t wrong. Originally working in the call center for Select Health, Jad recently was promoted to the position of Data Analyst thanks to his new education and experience. “I interviewed for a job in February and when I told them I was finishing up my degree, I got the promotion,” exclaimed Jad.

Originally, Jad was on track to finish his degree in December 2020, but thanks to the flexibility of the CBE program, Jad could earn as many credits as he wanted each term and that is exactly what he did. “In January, I looked at my schedule and saw it was mapped out until December. I decided I really wanted to get this done. So, I worked with my advisor, Christa Donato, who helped me revamp my schedule to get all my classes and credits done by March.”

In the remaking of his schedule, Christa directed Jad to Peirce’s partnership with where he was able to take three courses outside of his CBE program and transfer in the credits necessary to graduate. Jad said, “My experience with and Peirce College was great and extremely smooth. Thanks to my motivation, I was able to complete three courses. All I had to do once I was done was let Christa know and she worked on the backend to get my credits in no problem.”

Thanks to the flexible opportunities and the ability to earn credits through Peirce College’s alternative credit providers, Jad was able to complete twelve months’ worth of credits in three months saving him significant time and money.

As Jad reflects back on his time at Peirce, he said, “I wish I would have found this sooner. It was everything I was looking for and more. Also, Christa Donato was paramount in getting me to the finish line. She helped keep me on track, answered all my questions, understood when I needed a slower semester, and was supportive when I wanted to load up on classes. Christa helped me get here.”

Now, as a Class of 2020 graduate, Jad offers advice for all those other working adults who may be seeking a new career path, but are unsure where to start. He said, “It might seem like a lot to take on as an employee, parent, spouse, etc., but it can be done. You will be paired with a mentor and advisor who will work with you to come up with a schedule and plan that fits your life, but gets you to your end goal.”

Congratulations to Jad on all of his accomplishments!

Friday, June 12, 2020

Reflecting Back on His Time at Peirce – Hear from DeVonte Douglass

This story was originally published on Peirce College's website found here.

Back in August 2019, Professor Mike Agnello introduced a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice student, DeVonte Douglass. At that point, DeVonte was engrossed in his studies and tackling different internships gaining both knowledge in and out of the classroom.

Now, I am thrilled to re-introduce DeVonte as a Class of 2020 graduate who finished his degree this past May.

Originally earning his Associate in Science in Criminal Justice from Peirce College in 2018, DeVonte moved right into his bachelor’s degree eager to continue his studies in the field where he found his calling.

“I chose the criminal justice program because I have family members who were done wrongfully by the criminal justice system. I want to be the change inside of our criminal justice system,” explained DeVonte. “I want to be able to get the victim or the State of Pennsylvania, the justice they deserve by restoring trust in our criminal justice system for both the victims and defendants who enter those courtrooms.”

With this burning passion, DeVonte plans to take his bachelor’s degree and move onto law school. He said, “I plan on using my degree in Criminal Justice to go back to school and become a criminal attorney either as a prosecutor or criminal defense attorney.”

DeVonte feels equipped to take this next step thanks to all his studies at Peirce College, but feels especially prepared thanks to one professor in particular. “I have gained knowledge from each and every one of my professors, including Associate Professor and Faculty Chair of Legal Studies, Michael Agnello who encouraged me to push forward to become a criminal attorney. He has continued to help put me on the right path with assisting with all of my questions and being there regarding the criminal justice program.”

Reflecting back on his time at Peirce, DeVonte shared, “My overall Peirce experience was a rewarding one. It came with challenges, which is expected when you are trying to better yourself.”

DeVonte elaborated on his challenges, explaining, “The challenges I faced were personal and financial both which could have stopped me from pursuing my degree. I thought about the people I would be disappointing when I felt like I did not want to pursue my degree any longer and it inspired me to keep going. The professors also always encouraged me to keep going no matter what. The professors were more accommodating than they needed to be, but it makes a difference when you have professors who care about you. Also, being a scholarship recipient two years in a row helped significantly with the financial struggle that I was going through.”

Through his challenges, DeVonte learned a lot and is eager to share his knowledge with others. He said, “You should not hesitate about returning to college, but you should know it comes with challenges. Everything in life comes with challenges. You will find, though, that going back to college is a rewarding experience. It betters your life and the people around you. I have set a good example for the little ones that look up to me and even the people in my neighborhood.”

Finally, as DeVonte prepares for his upcoming commencement, he explained who this new degree was really for. He said, “I would like to thank my family and friends for supporting me throughout my college career. This degree is dedicated to my Grandmother (Carol Douglass Smith), who lost her battle to cancer in August 2019.”

Congratulations to DeVonte on all his successes! Peirce College looks forward to supporting DeVonte as a new alumnus and cheering him on at the virtual commencement on June 23rd.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Mother, Grandmother, Author, and Graduate – Meet Tamara Hawkins

This story was originally published on Peirce College's website found here.

In 2012, Tamara Hawkins decided to take her supervisor’s advice on earning her bachelor’s degree and started to look into programs in the Philadelphia area. She discovered a college she once knew as a two-year business college had evolved over time and had just what she was looking for.

That is when Tamara found Peirce College.

“I stumbled across Peirce’s bachelor’s programs and saw the evolution of Peirce over the years. I remember Peirce when it was just a two-year school. To see it grow so much really stood out to me,” explained Tamara. “So, I decided to visit campus and talk to an admissions representative.”

Her visit to campus was eye-opening and allowed for her to understand just how long it would take to earn her degree and how much it would cost.

“When I met with my admissions representative, she told me Peirce would take all of my credits from the Community College of Philadelphia. Having an associate degree from CCP allowed me to save time and money at Peirce because it would take less than 2 years to complete my bachelor’s degree,” said Tamara. “Additionally, Peirce College was the only school that would clearly identify what classes I needed to take and map out my exact route to graduation. After seeing all of that, I said, ‘let’s do it!’”

Tamara enrolled in Peirce’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program and found herself graduating in no time. In 2014, Tamara completed her goal and turned her focus back to her career.

Working in health care for over 20 years inspired Tamara to stay in contact with Peirce and take a few Medical Coding classes here and there to continue expanding her knowledge to bring back to her line of work.

In 2016, though, Tamara heard that Peirce College had developed a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration program and this caught her attention. “After my bachelor’s degree was complete, I swore I was done with degrees. Then I heard about Peirce’s MSHCA program and it aligned with my career and interests, so I reached out once again to learn more.”

After gaining a better understanding of the classes she would be taking this second time around, Tamara enrolled and found herself immersed in the content more than she ever thought possible. “In the MSHCA program, my eyes were opened to so many things I never knew before. I gained a deeper understanding of insurance, health care, technology, HIPAA, and more. This program aligned with my interests and career path perfectly.”

In 2018, during her time in the program, Tamara landed a new position within the health care field. “I originally wanted to be a nurse, but when I decided against that career path, I always knew I wanted to be in the health care field. During my master’s program, I started as a Senior Biller at the Temple Dental School. My master’s has helped me significantly in this position because it has taught me the lingo you really can’t learn anywhere else.”

In December 2019, Tamara finished her master’s degree and is now a proud member of the Class of 2020. As Tamara reflected back on her time at Peirce, she said, “My Peirce College experience was phenomenal. I love learning and being challenged and I got all that and more from Peirce. I made so many friends who have now become family. Also, I was able to do so much even as an adult learner. There were workshops, events, trips, etc. for me to take part in as a student, which made my experience that much better. Peirce just offers so much, which made me want to stay as long as possible.”

Tamara is the proud mother of two and grandmother of three. She said, “School can be overwhelming at times as a parent, grandparent, employee, churchgoer, and student. My advice is to try and find balance, which includes time for yourself. I found time for schoolwork, my family, my church, while also scheduling a little downtime here and there to give myself a break. If you stay organized, you’ll be able to achieve this balance and accomplish your goals.”

In addition to all that Tamara has already accomplished, she has also written and self-published two books, within the past year, with a third one coming out soon for children. She said, “Peirce College and all my professors have given me the motivation to believe I can do whatever I put my mind to do, and then go do it successfully!”

Congratulations to Tamara on all her successes! We look forward to applauding her at Peirce’s Virtual Commencement Ceremony on June 23rd.