Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Health Programs Student Association Celebrates Community

In addition to the six professional associations mentioned in the November Health Programs blog feature, Health Programs students at Peirce College are offered yet another way to get involved outside the classroom to expand their network and build their resume. The Health Programs Student Association is the perfect way for all health-related majors to meet fellow classmates and further develop their relationships with the faculty.

Who can join? Each and every student at Peirce who is enrolled in a health-related major is welcomed as a member of the Health Programs Student Association at Peirce College. The group has a strong and solid foundation of students who are interested in meeting each other and becoming leaders by lending a helping hand through personal and professional networking, sharing advice and discussing field-related information.

Get to know a little more about what the Health Programs Student Association does together by checking out their most recent event:

On Saturday, December 15, the Health Programs Student Association held its first annual Winter Festival on campus. Health Programs students and faculty had a much-needed and well-deserved chance to relax, unwind and get to know one another better in an inviting and comfortable environment. The party kicked off with delicious hot hors d’oeuvres, holiday cookies, candy, hot cocoa and apple cider.

The event was more than just delicious foods and beverages, though! Attendees could participate in a fun (yet informative) Peirce trivia game that shed light on the College’s history and then move on over to the holiday selfie screen to take some fun photos with newly made friends.

After the trivia game, photos continued to be snapped, guests continued to mingle and I collected a fun mystery fact from each attendee. The group then played a round of “Guess Who?” This allowed for all participants to learn interesting facts about each other! I read the fun facts out loud as the guests tried to figure out which fact belonged to which guest. The facts revealed some big surprises, including a student revealing a cameo role in the first Rocky movie! The game led to new discussions about our common interests and concerns while offering lots of laughs. Before closing the event, students’ names were drawn for several raffle gifts, including a collection of games and a mini-relaxation kit.

The event was a fun and cozy way for students to let off some steam and relax together after a successful session. More importantly, the event helped build bonds within the Health Programs and Peirce Community. All of the faculty and students who attended received one very valuable gift – that of friendship and support.

Professors Loggains and I, who act as faculty advisors for the Health Programs Student Association, deeply appreciate everyone who attended, especially the student leaders. Special thanks go out to the students who came early to decorate and stayed late to help with cleanup!

Health Programs students can get more information about the Health Programs Student Association (HPSA) by accepting their free enrollment in the HPSA Canvas course.

Check back in next month to see what the Health Programs division has to share next!

Friday, January 11, 2019

A Genuine Promise Turned Into A Successful Reality – Meet Anthony Hasara

College had always been on Anthony Hasara’s mind and when he finally decided to take that step he felt endless support around him, but one person’s support stood out above the rest. Anthony’s grandmother was a huge advocate for him to continue on with his education and when she had heard Peirce College was on the table she raved and shined with pride. Unfortunately, right before Anthony was about to begin his journey, his grandmother passed away, but not before Anthony made a promise to her to go to college, do well and make something of himself.

Three years later, Anthony kept his promise and exceeded all expectations.

Anthony originally heard of Peirce College through his family. His two older siblings also attended Peirce and his father is an employee of the College. He had seen over the years the family-oriented environment and knew it was a place he would thrive.

“Everyone is so warm and welcoming at Peirce College,” explained Anthony. “From the professors to the staff to the security guards, everyone knows your name and makes you feel at home.”

Additionally, Peirce College has a well-known and respected Criminal Justice program that drew Anthony in even further as this was the field he believed he was ready to pursue. So in September 2015, Anthony enrolled in Peirce’s Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice program.

Anthony said he chose this field because, “Criminal justice always caught my eye and once I got started in the program, my interests were confirmed and the content was everything I had hoped for and more.”

During his journey within this program, Anthony developed personally and professionally through the classroom material and the caring and encouraging professors. “The material in this program applies to a plethora of careers and provides valuable skills I would not have gained elsewhere,” Anthony explained. “The professors, especially Professor Kempf and Professor Laielli, taught me not just the required classroom material, but also personal and professional development techniques to further me as not only a student, but as a person outside of Peirce.”

Anthony could not say enough positive remarks about his interactions with Professor Kempf, Professor Laielli and all the professors he came in contact with at Peirce. “The professors at Peirce really want you to succeed. They speak to you with respect; they are not intimidating; they are knowledgeable and passionate which shows in their teaching style. They are the best support system and truly treat you like family.”

Due to the passion and support he felt in the classroom, Anthony knew he was ready to take his education to the next level by entering the legal workforce. Professor Kempf had posted in the student portal about an internship opportunity in the legal division with SEPTA, a partner of Peirce College, and Anthony knew he could not let this chance pass.

Anthony reached out to Peirce’s Career Development Services team eager to prepare and apply for this internship in the best possible way. Thanks to his enthusiasm, passion and Peirce’s support, Anthony landed the internship and spent the past 4 months gaining real-life work experience in addition to his classroom knowledge.

As of December 2018, Anthony completed his first educational goal and officially earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, as he had promised his grandmother. How he exceeded this goal, though, was through his final GPA, which ended up being a 4.0! Anthony not only achieved his goal, but he exceeded all expectations. Anthony said, “We all have different motives for doing things and we also have people that are responsible for our motivation. Making my Grandmother proud and completing the promise I made to her was the one that mattered the most.”

Now, as Anthony continues on with his internship with SEPTA, he recognizes that he is not done just yet. He immediately applied and is starting with Peirce’s Certificate of Proficiency in Paralegal Studies as of next week. Anthony has now set a new goal to accomplish this certificate and move on right away to law school. Following law school, Anthony does hope to return to his alma mater and share his knowledge with other eager students like himself as a professor. Anthony said, “I want to continue to unlock my potential. I know I only have this one life and I plan to get the most out of it by chasing my dreams and aspiring to be the best I can possibly be.”

Anthony said to anyone else who is unsure about taking the plunge to chase their dreams, “Set aside your excuses and don’t cheat the grind. Everyone and anyone can find excuses, but the ones who are succeeding put them aside and find the ‘why.’ Once you can find your driving force, hold onto it and never forget it. Keep this ‘why’ in the back of your mind with everything you do. Before you know it, it will be your time to throw your cap in the air and celebrate all you have achieved.”

Congratulations to Anthony on his outstanding academic accomplishments! Peirce College wishes him nothing but success as he continues to chase his dreams.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

From A Bucket List Goal To Discovering Her Career Passions – Meet Deidre Gray

Originally starting her master’s degree as a bucket list goal, Deidre Gray finished her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management with not only self-satisfaction but a new appreciation for her current role as well as a self-discovery on her true career passions.

Deidre Gray had been out of college for over 25 years, but she never let the idea go of wanting to attain a higher degree. One day, she learned that a colleague and friend was finishing up his master’s degree and he told Deidre about the positive experience he had at an institution focused on working adults. Deidre’s friend recommended the institution knowing it was a place where Deidre could succeed. Deidre had her doubts at first, but after much persuasion Deidre looked into Peirce College and never looked back.

Starting in January 2017, Deidre enrolled in the Organizational Leadership and Management program because she held multiple leadership roles inside and outside of work and was ready to amplify these skills. At first, when she started at Peirce, Deidre was going back to school to fulfill a personal goal and to inspire her daughter who, at the time, was a junior in college. Deidre said, “I wanted my daughter to have someone to look up to who was accomplishing an even higher degree to inspire her to keep going.”

After taking her first class at Peirce, Deidre knew she was going to get even more out of this experience than she originally intended. “After my first class, I was reassured that Peirce was the place for me with the attention on adult learners and the variety of age and experience within the classroom,” explained Deidre. “I learned from not just the professors, but also the students. I even found one classmate who is now my friend for life, Marlena Gordan.”

Deidre spoke on how her and Marlena took every class together, encouraged one another and discovered a beautiful friendship she never would have found elsewhere. Peirce’s focus on working adults and the opportunity to form relationships with classmates and professors are what Deidre really valued the most during her time at the College.

Beyond the personal connections, Deidre gained the leadership skills she was looking for and immediately began putting them into action even after just her first class. While building and developing these leadership skills, Deidre realized some other things about herself she didn’t know before such as her true career passions.

Deidre entered Peirce College while holding the position of President of the Black Alumni Chapter and Founder of the mentoring program within the Chapter at West Chester University, where she worked directly with students on achieving their educational dreams. During the master’s program at Peirce, Deidre was able to express her interest in this position and learn how she could amplify this passion into a future career. “Thanks to Peirce’s master’s program, I now have a clear vision of my future and career goals. I have a passion for higher education and working directly with students, which was developed and nurtured during the program. I was able to write papers and have discussions on topics relevant to these goals and now that I have this degree, I can use it to pursue my dreams,” said Deidre.

Additionally, while discovering her true career passions, due to information learned and experiences shared, Deidre gained a stronger appreciation for her current full-time position as a Customer Service Representative with Penn Medicine. “When I first started in this position, I felt as though I wasn’t doing anything of importance,” said Deidre. “But thanks to my classes and the conversations, I learned how to find value in my work and focus on improving myself as an employee every day.”

Deidre said thanks to the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management program at Peirce College, she was able to gain a new appreciation for herself, her current position and her future aspirations. Deidre gave a special shout-out to her academic advisor, Dr. DeVida Rembert, who was her primary supporter through the entire journey. She said, “Dr. De supported me in a personal and professional way I had never been exposed to before. She offered me multiple forms of communication to get in contact with her, so no matter when it was she would be there for me. I will never forget Dr. De and her endless care and encouragement.”

As of December 2018, Deidre Gray finished her master’s degree crossing a goal off her bucket list, but also gaining so much more. As Deidre reflected back on her time at Peirce, a personal quote came immediately to mind. She said, “Maya Angelou’s quote, ‘I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel’ resonates with me in regard to my time at Peirce. I have always wanted to be sure I am the one spreading the positive feelings to others, but in the case of Peirce, I was the recipient of these feelings and that is something I will never forget.”

Congratulations to Deidre on her recent academic accomplishment! We wish her nothing but success on her continuous personal and professional journey.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Health Students Selected to Serve on State and National Levels

As a compliment to their studies and as a powerful experience-builder, health programs students are encouraged to apply for volunteer positions in a variety of settings including those available in professional associations. On behalf of the Health Programs faculty and for this month’s Health Programs feature, I am thrilled to announce the recent selection of two students elected to serve in a volunteer role.

Health Information Administration student, Jackmely Hernandez has been selected by the Pennsylvania Health Information Management Association (PHIMA) Board for the 2018 PHIMA Student Liaison role. PHIMA is a component state association of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

In this role, Jackmely will be responsible for providing input and feedback for projects designed for AHIMA student members, implement programs for student member engagement on a local level, attend local career fairs and other student recruitment activities for the profession and develop a relationship with CAHIIM programs in the Component State Associations (CSA) to encourage student membership. Other duties include identifying local networking and volunteer opportunities for student members, creating resources for recruiting Health Information Management speakers to present at CAHIIM approved programs about the HIM profession, AHIMA and the value of credentials, promoting early certification testing to student members and provide mentoring and leadership development to student members.

When asked why she was interested in serving as the PHIMA Student Liaison, Jackie noted, “It is a great honor to serve as the PHIMA Student Liaison. In our classes, we often discuss AHIMA and how important this organization is for those of us who are aspiring HIM professionals. The fact that I will be actually working with members of this organization is amazing.”

Jackie elaborated on her enthusiasm by adding, “As the liaison, I will have the opportunity to learn from the best HIM professionals in our state. The knowledge that I will gain from this experience is truly priceless but more important, it would allow me the opportunity to give back to Peirce College and my classmates by sharing what I learn with them and explaining the benefits of being part of an organization such as this one. I have been looking for ways to pay it forward and I cannot think of a better opportunity than this one.”

The second student we want to highlight and congratulate is Health Information Administration student, Tara Butler. Beginning in January, Tara will serve on AHIMA Foundation's Merit Scholarship Committee. The AHIMA Foundation, “improves health information management by supporting the people, research and resources that advance the HIM profession.”

“One of the major initiatives of the AHIMA Foundation is to attract and support new talent in the health information management (HIM) industry by improving educational opportunities for current and future HIM professionals through scholarships. The AHIMA Foundation annually offers merit scholarships to currently enrolled outstanding undergraduates in HIM and health information technology (HIT) as well as those professionals pursuing master's or doctoral degrees in areas related to health information.” In her role, Tara will review and revise scholarship guidelines and select award recipients.

The Health Programs team is extremely proud of Jackmely and Tara for going beyond the classroom to expand their knowledge even further. Congratulations and best wishes to Jackmely and Tara in their new endeavors!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Peirce College Winter Break Hours and Availability 2018-2019

Winter break is here! Before Peirce College takes some time to relax and rejuvenate, we wanted to remind you of the change in hours and availability over the next few days. The College will be closed from Friday, December 21, 2018 starting at 4:00 p.m. until Wednesday, January 2, 2019. Intensive Winter Session Courses will run online as scheduled from December 27 through January 16. Faculty members for those classes will be available via the contact information within your course.

While most College departments will be on break during this time, limited services will be available. Please see the list below for details:

Academic Advising will be available via phone and email on 12/27 and 12/28 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. (advisingcenter@peirce.edu or 215.670.9177)

The Walker Center for Academic Excellence will be available via phone and email on 12/27 and 12/28 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.
(wcae@peirce.edu or 215.670.9251)

Student Billing will be available via email on 12/27 and 12/28 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. (billing1@peirce.edu)

Student Financial Services will be available via phone and email on 12/27 and 12/28 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. (sfs@peirce.edu or 215.670.9600)

Information Technology Service Center will be available via phone and email on 12/27 and 12/28 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. (servicecenter@peirce.edu or 215.670.9400)

Undergraduate Admissions will be available via phone and email on 12/27 and 12/28 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. (admissions@peirce.edu or 215.670.9000)

Graduate Admissions will not be operating during the break, but will be available as soon as the College reopens on January 2. Please send all inquiries to masters@peirce.edu or 215.670.9325 and someone from Graduate Studies will get back to you as soon as possible.

All other departments, including the Peirce Library will be closed for the entirety of the break, but will reopen on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

If you experience any technical issues with Canvas while the College is closed, please call 844.833.3116 or click on Live Chat under the Help Icon in Canvas. Both options are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have an immediate need during a time our offices aren’t open, please call 215.670.9284 and a team member will be available to help you.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday! We will see you in 2019!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Seamless Transition from CCP to Peirce – Meet Shiree Christian

There are many high school students who think they’ll prefer a “big college” experience with things like large lecture halls, sports teams and Greek life. Peirce College student Shiree Christian was one of those students, and chose to attend a large public university in Philadelphia following high school graduation. After a year and a half of classes, however, she lost interest in her major and grew frustrated with the large class size.

Shiree weighed her options and researched several colleges, and ultimately decided to discontinue her time at the large university and enrolled in the business program at The Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) in 2005.

“It was just a better fit for me from day one,” Shiree said about her experience at CCP. “I never felt overwhelmed or out of place, and I was studying topics that interested me. It was exactly what I needed at the time.”

After earning her associate degree in Business at CCP in 2007, Shiree entered the workforce and had her first child, but she remained eager to re-enroll in college and get her bachelor’s degree. Considering she was a new parent and working full-time, Shiree’s biggest needs for her next college were a flexible class schedule and close proximity to home.

When she found out she could attend Peirce College classes online all while still having the option to attend class in-person she was intrigued, and when she discovered all of her prior college credits would transfer into Peirce, she was certain she had found the right college for her.

Shiree enrolled in the Legal Studies in Business program at Peirce College in 2009. She chose the major because she had always been interested in the law, and had hoped to eventually attend law school.

However, after accomplishing her next educational goal of graduating with her bachelor’s degree, Shiree opened her own business with her Fiancé; a healthcare training center called All In Training Services in Glenolden, in Delaware County. With this shift in focus and a new goal of growing her business in mind, Shiree enrolled in Peirce College’s Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Management program, and she’s now on her way to earning her next degree!

“I had always planned on going to law school, but then we opened our business and all of our attention turned to that,” explained Shiree. “I use so many of the things I learned while I was getting my bachelor’s degree every day at work. I run all of the books, take care of all the logistics, and all of the day to day business operations go through me. And now the things I’m learning in my leadership classes really help me to manage our employees and make sure the business is running as efficiently as possible.”

When asked what advice she might give to adults considering a return to college, Shiree first mentioned the importance of time management, and that there’s a lot more on your plate when you go back to college as an adult. Shiree said, “You really have to master time management as an adult in college. If you’re anything like me and you have kids, a business to run, and a full-time college schedule, you have to learn to prioritize and use all your time as wisely as possible!”

Shiree doesn’t get much free time these days between her responsibilities as a full-time graduate student and a business owner, but when she does, she enjoys spending as much time as she can with her children.

Peirce College commends The Community College of Philadelphia for providing Shiree with an excellent educational foundation, and wishes her all the best in her future endeavors!

If you or someone you know is looking to transfer to Peirce College, please contact me, Tom Tschop, Manager, Institutional Partnerships, at 215.670.9203 or ttschop@peirce.edu.

Friday, December 14, 2018

No Amount Of Time Could Keep Christopher Hinckley From Achieving His Dreams

“After high school I was not interested in going to college right away. I initially planned on working for a year and then giving it a try. Well, one year turned into two, my daughter was born and before I knew it, fourteen years had passed,” explained Chris Hinckley.

In a similar fashion to other Peirce College students, Chris Hinckley had let the immediate idea of college fade away as he tackled other aspects of his life. Finally, one day Chris decided to circle back to his original intentions and registered at Montgomery County Community College. He found immediate success and enjoyed the experience.

Chris knew he was ready to earn his degree, but once again life stepped in and pulled him in another direction. In the blink of an eye, ten years had flown by. Luckily, on the way to a family vacation, his fiancé Heather brought his dreams back into conversation and questioned why he never returned.

“I had several very weak excuses, but essentially I was just afraid that as a forty-ish year old man, I wouldn’t be able to handle it,” said Chris. “Heather felt otherwise and by the time we arrived at our destination, she had signed me up to attend Peirce!”

In January 2017, Chris seamlessly transferred in credits from Montgomery County Community College and found himself finally back on track to earn the degree he had always wanted. Chris enrolled in Peirce’s Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies program and has only found success since.

“I have learned so much already and not just about the paralegal sector, but the legal field in general. I have also been able to learn more about myself and gain confidence in my abilities I never had before,” described Chris.

Chris not only has been gaining the intellectual assistance he aimed to achieve, but he has also found financial support every student desires when heading back to school as a working adult. Due to Chris’s hard work and dedication to the Paralegal Studies program at Peirce and his drive to accomplish his dreams, Chris has been awarded SEVEN scholarships so far during his time at the College. He has won the 2018 Delaware County Paralegal Association Scholarship, W.W. Smith Scholarship, J. Linford Snyder Scholarship, Arthur J. Lendo Endowed Scholarship, Arcadia Foundation Scholarship, Professor Edwin B. Miller Memorial Scholarship and most recently the 2018-2019 Chester County Paralegal Association Scholarship.

Through this financial support, Chris has been able to continue to pursue his dreams of earning his bachelor’s degree, which he hopes will inspire his children, “to see that it is never too late to change the direction of your life. Sometimes things don’t go as we plan, but with hard work and commitment, anything is possible,” said Chris.

Chris currently works in the Records Management department at an Intellectual Property Law Firm where he supports attorneys, legal assistants and paralegals. His goal is to advance into one of the paralegal positions and report directly to the attorneys.

Thanks to Chris’s ambition and the unwavering support of his fiancé, Chris is on track to graduate in August 2019. Congratulations to Chris for his achievements thus far and best wishes as he continues to chase his academic and professional goals!