Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Peirce student wins 2009 National Federation of Paralegal Associations/Thompson Reuters Scholarship

I received some pretty exciting news from a current Peirce student today! Susan Witte, a student in our Paralegal Studies program, has been selected to receive the 2009 National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA)/Thomson Reuters Scholarship.

This is no small honor for Susan, as the NFPA is one of the largest and most influential associations in the paralegal profession. Quite simply, they work on a national and regional level to advance and promote the paralegal profession and continuing education in the field. Susan will accept the scholarship, which is the top honor awarded by the Association, at the NFPA “Celebrate Success” Awards Luncheon on October 31 in Portland, Ore.

Recipients of this year’s scholarship were asked to submit essays centered on the theme of equal access to justice. Susan’s award-winning essay was selected by a panel of NFPA professionals from an extensive number of other submissions from paralegal students across the country.

While congratulating Susan on her scholarship, we asked her to share some thoughts with us about her background, why she decided to become a paralegal, and how she came to choose Peirce College.

Honoring military service for college credit

Continuing education has always been a key resource for both active and former U.S. service members and their families. It gives them access to increased earning potential, leverages their military experience and education, and gives them a new direction once they've completed their service.

For service members in particular, pursuing a degree might mark the culmination of the time and effort they've already put into their military service. Many service members come to continuing education, colleges, and universities with far more "life experience" than the average student, and in some cases are also ahead of the game academically.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A perspective on Peirce College and its relationship-oriented approach to students

As a new era begins at Peirce College, it is extremely important that we uphold tradition while stimulating change in the best interest of the institution and the students and graduates we serve.

During the College’s 144-year history, each era has advanced the institution. From expanding our curriculum to meet the changing needs of the workforce, to providing better access, convenience, and flexibility for adult learners through online courses, new initiatives have enhanced the College’s ability to embrace more students with its practical, career-oriented programs.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The future of higher education: All about access?

The Washington Post recently published an interesting article about what the future holds for education in light of an increase in online/distance learning. And apparently, I wasn't the only one who found it interesting, because The Chronicle picked up on the buzz too. Dr. Rita Toliver-Roberts -- the Dean of Students here at Peirce -- and I were discussing what we thought of the article, and our conversation got me thinking about how we approach things in general here at Peirce.

First, I’m always leery of predictions -- especially considering how rapidly things change today -- so I’m skeptical of the Post's Zephyr Teachout’s conclusions about the future of education as we know it. The Chronicle's Laurie Fendrich makes several good points in her response, but there is one particular statement she makes that I take exception to:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Peirce Connections and the Peirce College community

Colleges and universities can be described as many things: institutions, learning centers, etc. But perhaps what best describes a college or university is the word “community.”

With that in mind, a common topic among recent Peirce College community feedback was interest in social media and blogs, and their rising popularity. These tools have proven effective in providing greater insight into an organization, communicating with a variety of audiences and -- most of all -- helping to bring together the “community.”

With that in mind, we asked our students, faculty, and staff to agree on the name for our new blog. With a name now selected, it's our aim to further connect our community members through the blog. That includes insight into Peirce’s goals and strategy, newly available tools and curriculum, stories of how other students and faculty help make a difference at Peirce College, and more!

So here it is -- with thanks and appreciation to the members of the Peirce College community, our new blog -- Peirce Connections.

We invite you to read, comment, and become part of the community!