Thursday, October 1, 2009

Peirce Connections and the Peirce College community

Colleges and universities can be described as many things: institutions, learning centers, etc. But perhaps what best describes a college or university is the word “community.”

With that in mind, a common topic among recent Peirce College community feedback was interest in social media and blogs, and their rising popularity. These tools have proven effective in providing greater insight into an organization, communicating with a variety of audiences and -- most of all -- helping to bring together the “community.”

With that in mind, we asked our students, faculty, and staff to agree on the name for our new blog. With a name now selected, it's our aim to further connect our community members through the blog. That includes insight into Peirce’s goals and strategy, newly available tools and curriculum, stories of how other students and faculty help make a difference at Peirce College, and more!

So here it is -- with thanks and appreciation to the members of the Peirce College community, our new blog -- Peirce Connections.

We invite you to read, comment, and become part of the community!