Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Peirce Paralegal Student Association's symposium and networking event gives "view from the bench"

Thanks to the outstanding Peirce College Paralegal Student Association (PSA) leadership group and the participation of our professional guests, Peirce College's annual fall PSA symposium and networking event on Dec. 9 was a huge success! This year's theme was focused on judicial perspective, or the "view from the bench."

I'm sure you've heard it before, but I'm going to say it again -- networking is one of the most important things you can do to prepare yourself for a successful career. The mission of Peirce College's PSA is to provide students the tools and encouragement to be proactive and take initiative to make their careers happen. This event went a long way to help accomplish that mission.

My colleague Carol Sherman shared some great observations from the event. Here are some highlights.
  • Judge Dumas Brooks and Judge Sabatino spoke about their professional journeys and shared their perspectives on how much they value the role of the paralegal. It gave the audience insight into how paralegals played an essential role in their careers.
  • Judge Dumas Brooks shared that she began her career as a paralegal. That experience many years ago left her with an understanding for the intensity of the duties that paralegals perform, and how much the attorney really depends upon them. Judge Sabatino talked about how paralegals play an essential role on cases, being the fact finder, organizing files and related materials, and catching mistakes (including Judge Sabatino's)!
  • The audience was particularly interested to hear the judges speak so candidly about their professional journeys, and reveal that they in fact learned a great deal from paralegals along the way.
  • The symposium included a speed networking session for Peirce College students, paralegals, and attorneys from the Delaware Valley. Everyone had a chance to sit down in small groups for informational interviews. It was valuable networking time for both the students and professionals in attendance.
We were all proud and impressed by the professionalism of the PSA leadership group, especially our co-presidents Norma Moseley, Keri Walczak, and Teresa Wilson. They stepped up to the plate in organizing this fantastic event, and we received great feedback from many of the professionals who attended.

We're also grateful to all the speakers and panelists who took the time to come join us at the event. Thank you to all who made the night such a success. It was an experience none of the students will soon forget.

Stay tuned for news about our upcoming graduate networking event planned for spring 2010! It's going to be big -- trust me, you won't want to miss it!