Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A business administration career through Peirce: A path to success in the business world

Hello, Peirce College!

I've been a part of the Peirce family for quite some time, nearly eight years in fact. My name is Dr. Marie Gould and I'm a Professor of Management and the Faculty Chair for Business Administration here. I oversee the activities and faculty of the Business Administration Program, and work with the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and other professional and academic organizations on behalf of the College.

I came to Peirce with both corporate and higher education experience. From my perspective, what I offer the College is twofold -- an understanding of how to best meet the needs of corporations through higher education programs directed at professional development, as well as preparing students for graduate school. Since joining Peirce in 2002, I have spearheaded the implementation and development of two new Business Administration concentrations: Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management.

My own experience in the corporate world is in human resources and organizational development. I spent a number of years working with senior management teams, helping them see the big picture at their organizations so they could make better decisions. If they wanted to develop new products or services, I'd say, "Do we have the people and the systems in place to do it? And if we don't, what do we need to do to get there?"

That's kind of how I operate when it comes to the Peirce Business Administration Program. I ask, "What is our typical student profile? What do they need and how do we get that to them while taking credibility, academics and the social element into account?"

One thing I often hear our students say is "this is the time for me." It is a fresh start, especially for those who might have had to put their education aside when life got in the way. And so what we try to do with our business program is help students through strong academics, but also build up their confidence and their self-esteem so that they feel empowered to succeed. This means giving our students the tools to develop both their practical knowledge and networking skills so they are ready to act as leaders once they've ventured into the professional world.

I'm looking forward to contributing here at Peirce Connections. My head is swimming with post ideas!