Thursday, February 25, 2010

Peirce Ambassadors to engage Philadelphia community, spread message about value of continuing education

Peirce College held its first Ambassadors Club meeting last night on campus. Stephen Ampersand from Peirce's Admissions Office will talk more about the club's focus and goals in the coming days, but I wanted to share some of my impressions from last night's meeting.

First, a little background. For many of the students that attend Peirce, whether at our campus in Philadelphia or online, their time at the College often turns into a life-changing experience. Many of these students turn into wonderful mentors and true ambassadors for Peirce College and continuing education. We decided to formalize some of the great things these students were already doing by forming the Ambassadors Club.

The first meeting with the Ambassadors Club typified one of the great characteristics of Peirce -- the engagement of all factions of the community. It was delightful to find so many students genuinely enthusiastic about their Peirce experience and, most significantly, willing to share it with others. It seems that whenever we ask our student body to support the institution, there is always a very positive response.

When we spoke about their roles as ambassadors representing the College, they quickly identified with the win-win-win scenario we strive for. The College wins because it will extend the reach of its mission; the ambassador wins because Peirce becomes even more well known and well regarded by serving a broader base of people, making their degree more recognizable and valuable in the eyes of employers and others; and the community-at-large wins because more citizens attain college degrees, making the workforce and our city stronger.

I continue to be enthralled with the prospects of how powerful a unified Peirce is for students and the community. Yesterday evening with the ambassadors was another example of how we can leverage our experiences and skills to give the College a stronger presence in the elevation of the area's degree attainment level. Kudos to the folks in our Admissions and Marketing/Communications groups for organizing this new and highly important initiative.