Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Room Rental at Peirce College: Center City Proprietors hold workshops on campus

A while back we told you about the room rental program at Peirce, which has made it possible for Philadelphia-area organizations to host banquets, meetings, and conferences in spaces that are a perfect fit for their needs. One of those groups is the Center City Proprietors Association (CCPA) which came to take a look at our facility, was impressed by our classrooms, and decided to hold a hands-on interactive computer workshop here.

The CCPA needed a place where 15 to 25 people would have access to a computer and Internet in a classroom setting. We set them up with one of our computer classrooms, equipped with 24 PC workstations, Internet connections, and a podium for presenters. We also organized the catering for them -- breakfast and lunch.

Peirce also offers banquet rooms for groups of up to 120 people, meeting rooms for groups of up to 180, along with classrooms/training rooms that can hold as many as 40 people. We also have two open atriums and an outdoor courtyard for receptions.

To see the event space at Peirce, take a virtual tour of the college or download PDF diagrams of the room layouts we offer. Read more about our Room Rental program online. You can contact me, Vito Chimenti, at 888.GO.PEIRCE, ext. 7368, or e-mail

Learn more about the CCPA event at Peirce here.