Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aligning vision with reality: Peirce spirit and enthusiasm for the future alive at spring reception

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On May 17, tradition came together with visions of the future. Representatives of the entire Peirce Community gathered on Carlisle Street for a spring reception that centered on sharing the College's newly developed strategic agenda, which will take Peirce into a new era.

The event celebrated our past, present, and future, engaging the community and highlighting the life changing experiences and bonds built at Peirce, as well as hopes for years to come.

The invitation billed the Peirce College spring reception as a “night out of the ordinary,” and in many ways, it was. Taking over an entire city block with an enormous tent, 400 people, and audio/video equipment is not ordinary -- nor is presenting a five-year strategic plan, which will set the College on course for future growth and expansion.

In one very important way, however, it was not a night out of the ordinary. Throughout the evening, the Peirce spirit was alive. Those in attendance expressed, to me and others, a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement for the new era. Many offered their appreciation for the vision and assistance in making it a reality.

The most lasting impression from the spring reception for me is how truly powerful the Peirce spirit is. It seems that members of every constituency feel a strong bond to the College. They are committed to the institution’s success and determined to make Peirce a significant presence in both the higher education landscape and the Philadelphia region.

My wife, daughter, and I talked on our ride home after the event about how Peirce people are like no other, and how blessed we are to be part of the community. Time after time, when we are in the presence of Peirce people, we can feel their love for the College and the work they do. They care so much about our students, alumni, and one another.

Speaking of Peirce students and alumni, they never fail to impress me. When I am with them, I am typically awestruck by the great work they are doing for employers and their communities, yet still finding time to devote to Peirce. So many of them have offered support and encouragement, to me and others, as we've embarked upon our five-year plan. They continue to supply the fuel for our engine in many ways.

After last evening, I am more convinced than ever that the Peirce spirit will propel the College to greatness. It was clearly alive and well at the reception and appeared to be an indomitable force that can move the College forward for many years to come.

We collected photos from the reception to share with you here. I hope you enjoy this snapshot of the Peirce spirit.