Thursday, May 27, 2010

Honoring Peirce's own Dr. Angelo E. DiAntonio: Linking the past and future

Editor's Note: Chuck Wright, who recently joined Peirce College as the new Vice President of Institutional Advancement, joins Peirce Connections, and shares insight on a former Peirce professor in his first post. Look to learn more about Chuck and Institutional Advancement at Peirce in upcoming posts.

The primary reason that Peirce College has had such longevity (since 1865) in Philadelphia and success in educating every type of student can be summed up in one word - people.

From the current faculty, staff and students, to the terrific group of alumni and former Peirce professors that continue to champion Peirce and its mission, people form the core of the College and ensure it serves generation after generation.

Dr. Angelo E. DiAntonio, or "Dr. D", pictured in 1952 (left) and today (right).
Dr. DiAntonio was recently honored by Peirce College faculty, staff and alumni
with the founding of the Angelo E. DiAntonio Accounting Award.
The Peirce College Community recently had the opportunity to honor one of those people so important to our mission, a former faculty member and individual that truly embodies the "Peirce College spirit," accounting professor Dr. Angelo E. DiAntonio. On May 25, Peirce College staff, alumni, students and faculty - both past and present - gathered on campus to honor one of Peirce's best.

Simply stated, Dr. DiAntonio is a legend on campus. He joined the College in 1947 as an instructor in the Advanced Accounting Division. As a young instructor, Dr. DiAntonio found himself teaching a number of veterans from World War II, the majority of which were older than him. These were working adults seeking new opportunities and looking to unlock them through higher education, much like Peirce's students today.

Dr. DiAntonio has often mentioned how he learned as much from his students as he taught them. Their life experiences, the balancing of family, work and an education, and how they helped each other achieve shared goals, left a lasting impression on him.

"Dr. D" with Peirce College alumni.
From left to right; Marvin Rosenbaum '51, Thomas Foga '52,
Daniel Winters '50, "Dr. D", Clem Piscitelli '48, Richard Boorse '50,
Raymond Palzer '52, John Komar '51
The feeling is mutual, as Peirce alumni who had Dr. DiAntonio - or "Dr. D" - as a teacher, mentor and advisor have maintained contact and friendships with him. Some of these students shared their memories, and some laughs, at the luncheon on May 25.

Dr. DiAntonio continues to be an active member of the Peirce College Community to this day, and acts as one of our best ambassadors, while also helping to guide us into the future.

Perhaps his own words, shared with the Peirce College graduating class of 1952, best illustrates the strength of his commitment to Peirce College:

"You are your school! When you start work in a business office, remember that you will represent your school. Your school will be judged by the quality of work you do and the attitude you take toward your employer, your fellow worker, and those who visit your office."

His influence will continue to be felt at Peirce College as a new inductee to the College's "Wall of Fame." But perhaps more significantly, the luncheon marked the founding of the Angelo E. DiAntonio Accounting Award - a fund established by his former students  that will provide annual cash awards to the College's top accounting students who demonstrate strong academic performance and good citizenship. With over 81 percent of Peirce students receiving financial aid, the fund helps strengthen the College's financial commitment to our students and their success. Additional details and award recipients will be announced in the coming weeks.

On behalf of the entire Peirce College Community, thank you Dr. DiAntonio for your commitment and contribution to the College's past, present, and future.