Tuesday, June 29, 2010

USA Today profiles adult learners in "Degrees of Difficulty"

At Peirce, we often talk about the challenges that our students face as they juggle their jobs, families, and other commitments while they work toward earning their degree. Our student body consists primarily of working adult learners, so the obstacles are unique compared to those of traditional college students.

USA Today recently featured a very interesting video project entitled “Take America to College,” that takes a look at today’s “non-traditional” students. I encourage all Peirce Connections readers to visit the series, “Degrees of Difficulty” under USA Today's Education news.

The week-long series of videos aired online at the end of May. The purpose of the project was, as described by USA Today, “to tell the story of five ‘non-traditional’ college students -- a single mom, a police officer, a musician, and two veterans -- in their own words and images.” This is how USA Today encapsulated the series:
Most college students no longer fit the traditional image: go to college straight from high school, live in a dorm, graduate four years later. Many students today juggle multiple priorities while earning a degree. Meet five ‘non-traditional’ students, struggling to balance jobs, budgets, parenting -- and being students too.
Those words reminded me a lot of the people I see walking the halls at Peirce every day. And listening to their stories, I felt it was important to share this honest look at what student life is like for so many. I invite you all to leave your feedback here. Do you think this is an accurate portrayal of the “non-traditional” student? Who's story sounded most like your own? We invite you to share your own stories here in the comment section of this post.