Thursday, July 8, 2010

Engaging Peirce alumni and advancing the mission of the College

Since joining Peirce College as the Vice President of Institutional Advancement in April of this year, every day has reinforced my first impression of Peirce: it’s an institution that is headed for new heights.

President Mergiotti’s leadership is taking the College in an amazing direction. We’re on the cutting edge of doing great things for the community we serve, especially for Philadelphia’s working adult students. I have been presented with a wonderful opportunity to rejuvenate the Institutional Advancement program, and I’m excited for the potential that lies ahead.

You’re probably wondering what exactly “Institutional Advancement” means. I think the name says it all -- we are aiming to advance the mission of the College by engaging our alumni, creating a culture of giving, and improving upon resources that will ultimately help our students succeed.

My role is to oversee a few major initiatives that fall under the Institutional Advancement umbrella. These include:
1) Alumni relations
2) Fundraising
3) Community and government relations

My primary goal is to revitalize the Alumni Association so that our graduates out there feel that they are part of the life of the College. We want to engage you, our alumni, in what we’re doing today at Peirce. This means more opportunities to come back to campus, reconnect with classmates, and share your Peirce pride!

In the coming years, we look forward to having many more reunions and various alumni events, like November’s extremely successful alumni open house, that will give you the chance to reestablish your connection with Peirce and find new avenues for networking and professional development.

On May 17, we had many alumni, current students, friends, and community members come out to participate in the spring reception, held to promote and highlight the College’s strategic agenda. I heard loud and clear that an alumni association is important to our students, past and present. They’re excited about our new strategic direction, and want to be involved in the future of Peirce.

The groundwork is being built and we plan to officially kick off the Peirce Alumni Association this fall! If you want to be a part of the planning or have ideas to engage our alumni, please contact me with your feedback.

In addition to building our alumni relations program, philanthropy is extremely important to our mission at Peirce, so we’d like to build a culture of giving here at the College. Fundraising is one piece of that. We are extremely proud and grateful for the generosity and support of our alumni. Your contributions help to continue the Peirce tradition, allowing us to ensure that the high-quality education you received can be passed on to future students.

As alumni, you are capable of making an enormous impact on the opportunities and successes of our students today and tomorrow, and we are always impressed by the lasting commitment you show. It is truly remarkable to witness the great things our graduates have done and see them give back to the College in a wide variety of ways.

As for the community relations element of the Institutional Advancement program, what we really aim to do is build a cohesive partnership with the city of Philadelphia, which is so important to our institution. There are two parts to this: building partnerships with local corporations and organizations in which we support each other, and finding ways to give back to our community.

The majority of our students come from the Greater Philadelphia region, and there are countless opportunities to give back through community service initiatives. Ideas are continuously being developed to help spur Peirce involvement in the Philadelphia community and reinforce our partnership. If you’re interested in getting involved with our community relations initiatives, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

I look forward to the many new initiatives we will be embarking on as the strategic plan progresses. You’ll be hearing more from me as the Alumni Association continues to take shape. On that note, if your contact information has changed, let us know! We want to make sure we have updated address and contact information so we can share upcoming news and events with all of our alumni.