Monday, July 26, 2010

Finding and keeping a job

Hi, everyone. I’m Jasmine, a Career Development Services (CDS) intern. Part of my internship is to find topics to share with you on the blog, so that is why I’m starting with this post today!

Being at Peirce has made me think about my future and what I should do to remain competitive in the workplace. I think securing this internship through the Philadelphia Youth Network's WorkReady Philadelphia program and Peirce is a good first step.

But there are so many more I will need to take to have my resume and experience rise above that of others. As we know, our economy has substantially changed over the past year or so which has profoundly impacted the job market. Many people are currently unemployed and are looking for jobs, but during these tough economic times it is not very easy.

Those who are employed hope to be able to keep their jobs and be successful for the rest of their career. And those who, despite their experience and best efforts, remain unemployed are trying to figure out what they can do to enhance their chances of finding a job. If you are unemployed, have you ever wondered what it takes to find a job that best suits you? Have you thought about the steps required to make a good impression during an interview?

What about weighing your skill sets against the competencies required for the jobs you are going after? Or have you taken a career assessment to better understand your strengths, personality type, and interests? If you are employed, has it ever crossed your mind that there are certain things you can and should do to enhance your chances of keeping your job and being even more successful at it?

I know it’s a lot to think about but the more I learn about professional development through the Peirce Career Development Services team, the more I realize just what goes in to both finding and keeping a job.

I know you are busy working and managing so many other parts of your life, so I thought I’d help a little by sharing a great Wall Street Journal article I recently read. In the article, Joann S. Lublin outlines a few ways to help you enhance your job search. No matter where you are in your education or career, I encourage you to read the full article. It gave me great tips for my Peirce internship. I hope it helps you too!