Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mayor’s City of Philadelphia Scholarship Program awards two scholarships provided by Peirce College

I am excited to share with you all that Mayor Nutter’s office has announced the Mayor’s City of Philadelphia Scholarship Program, to which Peirce College provided two full-tuition scholarships to a City employee and a Philadelphia resident. Visit the City of Philadelphia website to learn more about the program and this year’s scholarship recipients -- City employee Phyllis Chase and Philadelphia resident Gregory Harris.

As I have discussed in previous posts, all who have pursued a degree know that one of the hardest parts of continuing your education is finding the money to do it. These scholarship programs are an integral part of the process as they make higher education a possibility for many Americans today.

Peirce College is dedicated to the Mayor’s programs and efforts to help educate Philadelphia residents. Whether it’s through supporting the launch of the City’s PhillyGoes2College initiative, partnering with city programs such as Graduate! Philadelphia, or offering scholarships and financial aid, Peirce is always looking for ways to do our part to makes education accessible to any Philadelphian who wants to earn their degree.

We are honored to be partnering with the Mayor’s office yet again through this scholarship program. Mayor Nutter’s goal of greater degree attainment in Philadelphia is something that Peirce stands behind one hundred percent. We hope to facilitate his goals to educate the city by providing tuition resources that will help more Philadelphia residents go back to school. The Mayor’s City of Philadelphia Scholarship Program will open doors for Philadelphia residents to earn their degree here and then stay and become future leaders of our city.

As Mayor Nutter states in the announcement, “Better educated workers are an asset to developing our workforce talent while strengthening the Philadelphia region’s competitiveness and prospects for economic recovery.”

It all starts here, in the classrooms (including online!) of Philadelphia’s institutes of higher education. All of us at Peirce College are proud to be a part of educating Philadelphia.