Thursday, September 2, 2010

Military scholarships for continuing education

We’ve talked before about the variety of financial resources available to military members and their families, including Peirce’s own Protect and Serve Grant. It is clearly a very important topic, illustrated by the fact that we continue to field a lot of questions from military members or veterans who are looking to pursue further education. For that reason, we want to make those resources easily available for military members pursuing a degree.

Keep an eye on news about the Post 9/11 GI Bill, which is slated for revisions and is currently undergoing proposed legislation in efforts to simplify the benefits. According to Inside Higher Ed, as of late June there were about 700 colleges signed up for the Bill’s Yellow Ribbon Program to fund tuition expenses for veterans. offers a wealth of information about scholarships and aid available to active duty military members and veterans. Conducting a search with their scholarship finder brings up more than 1,000 scholarships exclusively for the military. Outside of these scholarships, each branch of the military offers their own unique tuition assistance programs. breaks down the programs accordingly:
Below is a sampling of some other military scholarships designed to help you and your family reach your educational goals.
For even more resources, you can visit Students.Gov, AmericaSupportsYou,, Disabled Veterans Website,,, and Student Veterans of America.

Those that serve our country should have these resources at their fingertips, so if you know a service member who might benefit from this knowledge, please share the information! By collecting all of these resources in one place, we hope to make the process easier for military members and veterans who might be searching for support and information as they consider continuing their formal education.