Monday, September 13, 2010

Student Marcia Blair tells us why Peirce is unique to her

There are some incredible students at Peirce. One of those is Marcia Blair, who found out soon after enrolling that this wasn’t your typical college. Her experiences in the classroom, with advisors, with support staff, and with other students made her realize that for adult learners with a lot more on their plate than earning a degree, this was a special, supportive, and dynamic place to learn.

The Admissions Department learned that Marcia had gone above and beyond to help recruit new students to Peirce: talking to friends and neighbors about the opportunities here, explaining the enrollment and financial aid process, bringing potential students to campus, and even helping them fill out applications.

Marcia took a few minutes to talk to us about how she found Peirce, what her continuing education has meant to her, and why she’s taken it upon herself to point others in the Peirce direction.

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