Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peirce smartphone applications bring mobile access to College

How many of you reading this own a cell phone? How about a smartphone? For those of you iPhone or Android phone users, Peirce recently launched new, free applications to expand the mobile access to resources at the College.

The new Peirce apps can be run on Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as Droid-powered phones. Students today want and expect fast access to information wherever they are, and the ability of colleges and universities to deliver that information on new and expanding communications platforms is extremely important.

We conducted a survey to find out the need and demand from our own student population, and we heard you loud and clear -- you want mobile access! We value student feedback, so we worked hard to respond to that need and are excited to launch the new apps.

The apps include features such as:
  • Student course lists
  • Faculty and staff directories
  • Campus overview and directions
  • The Peirce College blog
We put together two quick demo videos so you can see a sample of how the apps function. Click play on the videos below to get a preview. A full news release issued on BusinessWire outlines additional details about the applications. Check out the apps at the Apple App Store or Android Market and let us know what you think!