Tuesday, November 16, 2010

“I came back home to Peirce!” Readmit student shares why Peirce was the place for her

Cynthia Bradley graduated from Peirce College in 1989. She walked away with her associate degree in General Studies, and to this day, she proudly carries a copy of that degree in her wallet.

But it wasn’t goodbye forever when she stepped out the doors and onto Pine Street that day. Cynthia wasn’t done yet, and knew she wanted to pursue a bachelor’s degree. “When I graduated in 1989, we heard rumors that big things were happening at Peirce and a bachelor’s program was forthcoming … I decided to wait, I wouldn’t go anywhere else. There is no other place for me, I came back home to Peirce!”

Cynthia took a bit of a detour first. The year 1989 didn’t just bring her first degree, but her first child, Ashley. Cynthia instantly became a role model to a little girl who would grow up to attend college where she studies biology. Today, Ashley’s aspirations include attending medical school in 2012, where she plans on specializing in Pediatric Dermatology. Cynthia marvels at her daughter’s ambition, and knows that her own education was the start of something big -- a family that knows graduating from college is a must.

“In our family, we were taught to never take education for granted, never take education lightly,” says Cynthia. Clearly, she and her daughter are living that lesson.

That family focus on education goes beyond the mother-daughter duo. It was Cynthia’s Aunt Sylvia, herself a graduate of Peirce, who first inspired Cynthia to attend her alma mater, and it was Ashley’s ambition and enthusiasm for learning that brought her back to the classroom.

Cynthia returned to Peirce College in 2008 to pursue a bachelor's degree in Professional Studies. However, with the introduction of the newly developed Healthcare Administration (HCA) degree program, she’s decided to switch gears.

Cynthia gleefully remarks that she has attended Peirce in two millenniums! Talk about a tradition of education -- she can’t get enough!

Part of what strikes Cynthia is how her education impacted every aspect of her life. “Peirce taught me how to handle myself professionally, through the good and the bad, how to deal with negativity,” she reflected. “Peirce prepared me for life. I made some great decisions, career wise, and landed some great jobs because of Peirce.”

There’s more. After she finishes her bachelor’s degree, Cynthia wants to pursue a master's degree in Organizational Development and Leadership. She was inspired by the leadership retreat she attended earlier this year, sponsored by the Walker Center for Academic Excellence.

From the Walker Center to the First Year Initiative (FYI) program, Cynthia is taking advantage of every opportunity and resource that Peirce offers, and she wants others out there to do the same. Below is a letter she wrote that is directed at those who have something holding them back from continuing their education:


My name is Cynthia Bradley and I graduated from Peirce College in 1989 with an associate degree in General Studies. I graduated near the time that Peirce transitioned to a four-year degree-granting college. Immediately after earning my AA, I knew I wanted to get my bachelor’s degree from Peirce College; I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Yet, soon after I made that decision, I gave birth to my daughter, Ashley, which put my academic plans on hold.

Today, Ashley is studying biology with plans of attending medical school in 2012. Her drive and motivation inspired me to not give up on my own academic dreams. That is why, after nearly 20 years, I decided to finish my education properly and returned to Peirce in 2008 to finish my bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration.

As a working adult raising a family, I know the value of education and how my Peirce College degree has made a difference in my life, both professionally and personally. I’m sharing this letter with you in the hopes that you will complete your education at Peirce too. In fact, the Peirce College Readmit Team is fully dedicated to working with you through the challenges that may have held you back from completing -- like they did with me. They will guide you through the financial aid process, course registration and textbook ordering to get you and your degree completion back on track.

Take it from me: you’ll be happy that you finished with Peirce College. There is no time like the present! I urge you to contact the Readmit Team today at 888.GO.PEIRCE, ext. 9026, or visit www.peirce.edu/ReturningStudents for more information.

Best Wishes,

Cynthia Bradley

Thank you, Cynthia, for sharing your inspiring story. We’re honored that you chose Peirce to continue your education, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors.