Thursday, November 11, 2010

Student Veteran awarded prestigious scholarship by Peirce College and the National Guard

From left: Major General Jessica L. Wright;
Staff Sergeant Tiffany Brudnock; Program Manager,
Institutional Advancement, Steve Bird 
Adulthood doesn't have to keep you from going back to school, and neither does military service. Our Veteran's Appreciation Day brunch today was the College's way of thanking each of these students not just for their service to our country, but their dedication to making education a priority in their busy lives. While every service member deserves recognition today, and every other day of the year, there's one in particular who stands out from the crowd here at Peirce.

She's the winner of Peirce's Pennsylvania National Guard Scholarship: Staff Sergeant Tiffany Brudnock. Tiffany was an obvious choice to be the recipient of this competitive, renewable scholarship. Her glowing recommendations, long list of activities, spotless academic record, and eight-and-a-half years of service impressed the awarding committee and earned this soon-to-be Peirce grad full tuition!

While she's just the fourth person to earn Peirce's Pennsylvania National Guard Scholarship, Tiffany is part of a long history of Peirce students who served in the military. The College opened its doors for returning Civil War vets in 1865, and has seen thousands of servicemen and women enroll since. Contributions from members of the National Guard have made this renewable scholarship possible for a member of the New Jersey and Pennsylvania National Guards every year since 2006.

Tiffany is in the 656th Signal Company where she works in the Information Technology field and with communications during monthly drill weekends. She's currently taking the Associated Business Capstone, and will receive her associate degree in Business Administration this December. She's simultaneously working towards her bachelor's degree with a concentration in Business Management, and aims to complete her coursework by December 2011.

Tiffany first enrolled at Peirce in 2008. She started class just a few weeks after meeting with College representatives who impressed her with the options available to students looking for an online education. The following year she was deployed to Iraq and took time off from school, but picked up right where she left of upon her return to the States. What's up next? Possibly a master's degree, and one day, starting her own business. Tiffany, congratulations on all your success!

Information for those interested in applying for the Pa. or N.J. National Guard Scholarship is available on our website. And you can find many other resources for members of the military who are pursuing higher education here on Peirce Connections. Check out some of our past blog posts for more on scholarship and grant opportunities for veterans, the post-9/11 GI Bill, and turning military service into college credit. For those of you who want to speak with a staff member here at the College about your options, we've brought a new team member on board for just that purpose.

Joseph (Joey) Juarez Jr. recently joined our staff as Program Manager, Admissions, responsible for Military and Veteran Affairs. His role is to focus solely on supporting our military students as they pursue their education. Joey himself served in the United States Air Force, so he comes to Peirce with strong knowledge and experience with military personnel and family programs. Welcome to Peirce, Joey!

Happy Veterans Day to all our student veterans and to all the men and women around the world who've served our country.