Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Technology in Education: Florida school replaces textbooks with Kindles ... what’s next?

The past decade has seen rapid technological advancements in every industry -- energy, healthcare, construction, communication, transportation, entertainment, and, of course, education. While campuses across the country are doing their best to stay on the cutting edge, the ever-changing nature of technology makes harnessing it for educational use an ongoing challenge for those tasked with delivering technology to their students.

But it looks like one school is finding ways to stay ahead of the curve, and its faculty, staff, and students are making news. The headline that piqued our interest? “US School Replaces Textbooks with Kindles, Students Go Crazy.” The story, published on The Next Web, is about Clearwater High School in Pinellas County, Fla., the first school ever to distribute e-readers school wide.

Because this story speaks to the larger topics of technology and mobility in education, we thought it was a great opportunity to approach the school district about a possible interview with someone involved in the program. Enter John Just, Pinellas County’s Assistant Superintendent for Management Information Systems, who was kind enough to talk with us about this history making initiative.

Mr. Just offered some terrific insight on what goes on behind the scenes of launching a program like the one at Clearwater High School, how it impacts students and teachers alike, and the potential for the future. Click play below to hear the interview in full.

At Peirce, we recognize that technology and education are more closely linked than ever. Just as we have worked to make our online classes as accessible as possible, we recently introduced new smart phone applications to expand mobile access to resources at the College, including a new mobile site for our online learning platform. We will continue to track trends and developments in technology and report what we find. What do you think is next?