Thursday, January 27, 2011

Peirce scholarship recipients announced for Fall 2010

I am pleased to announce the winners of the Fall 2010 Scholarship Competition! This particular scholarship competition occurs twice a year, with additional scholarship opportunities, financial aid, and tuition support resources available to both new and returning Peirce students.

Business Administration

1st Place ($5,000)
  • Edward Abel Jr.
2nd Place ($3,000)
  • Carolyn Wharton
  • Frank Arena
3rd Place ($1,500)

  • Sara Burns
  • Rhonda Harris
  • Beth Seymour
  • Dawn Wilkerson
  • Tishawn James
  • Evelyn Moore
Paralegal Studies
1st Place ($5,000)
  • Karen Wheeler
2nd Place ($3,000)
  • Alana Payson
3rd Place ($1,000)
  • Linda Bakely
  • Jessica Brophy
  • Stephanie Blasingame
  • Sarah Daniels
  • Margaret Lyman
  • Nadine Mitchell (Hankey)
  • Eucie Nedd-Cruz
  • Ashley Neumeyer
  • Diana Soukhaphonh
  • Bridget Sheridan
  • Alexander Sullivan
  • Jenna McBride
Information Technology
1st Place ($5,000)
  • Edwin Capetillo
  • Samantha Schaffer
  • Cristin Scott
  • Jami Vaughn
Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to all who applied! For students interested in entering the next round of competition, the submission deadline for Spring 2011 is set for May 2, 2011. Visit the scholarship page on our website to find out how to apply.