Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Importance of scholarships celebrated at Peirce Scholarship Reception

While the benefits and opportunities that come from earning your college degree are invaluable, paying for that education can often be overwhelming, and for some students, inconceivable.

On March 22, Peirce College held a special Scholarship Reception to celebrate our students who have received scholarship support and recognize those who have contributed to our scholarship programs.

It’s important for our donors to see the impact their contributions have on our students. It’s also important to recognize the students who have received the scholarships and their commitment to their education. For that reason, we invited two student scholarship recipients to step to the podium and share their personal stories about the impact that their scholarships have had on their educational journeys.

Elsarra Elamin with Peirce President James J. Mergiotti
Elsarra Elamin, a member of the class of 2011 who received the Business Administration Scholarship, talked about how financial support has helped her achieve her dream of completing her education as a working adult. Her scholarship has allowed her to study at an accelerated pace alongside students who share her goals and values in an environment that is supportive of working adults. As an international student from Zimbabwe, Elsarra’s degree will be an invaluable asset in her professional life in her home country.

Linda Bakely
Linda Bakely, recipient of the Paralegal Scholarship, followed in her grandmother’s footsteps when she chose to pursue a Paralegal Certificate at Peirce. She credits the caring, dedicated Peirce community for their continued support, and looks forward to the opportunity to pursue a career she is passionate about thanks in large part to the financial support she received.

Both students acknowledged the commitment and dedication of their fellow students, the Peirce faculty and staff, and the generous donors for making their educational dreams a reality. They each noted how much of a difference the scholarship funds and support have made and will continue to make in their lives.

Members of the Peirce College Board of Trustees and the Peirce College Alumni Association Board were among the guests that joined us for an evening of celebrating education and those who make it possible.

Congratulations to all our student scholarship winners, past, present, and future. To our generous donors, on behalf of our students and the entire Peirce community, we again thank you for your continued support.

For more information about making a contribution to a scholarship, call the Office of Institutional Advancement at 215-670-9323.