Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reaffirming Peirce’s commitment to Dual Admissions for Philadelphia’s working adults

Last week I had the honor of representing Peirce at a special signing event that reaffirmed the College’s Dual Admissions agreement with the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP). This was also the same day that CCP officially opened its newly renovated, environmentally friendly Northeast Regional Center.

The Dual Admissions program helps students seamlessly transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at one of the participating colleges and universities. At the event, two new partners joined the nine existing partner institutions in our commitment to putting students on the path to a bachelor’s degree.

Of the 11 institutions represented, Peirce was recognized as having the third longest-standing Dual Admissions relationship with CCP, dating back to 2000. Throughout the past 11 years, Peirce and CCP have worked together very effectively to transform the lives of students who have earned associate and bachelor’s degrees by attending both institutions. Giving students the option of taking coursework at both colleges enhances access to education and promotes higher degree attainment rates -- two missions that Peirce has always stood behind.

The Peirce community has the utmost respect for CCP and the work of its faculty, staff, and administration. The partnership of our institutions will continue to yield great opportunity for working adults and traditional-aged students in the Philadelphia area.