Thursday, June 9, 2011

Need money to go back to school? Readmit student explains how Peirce College helped her pay for her degree

Whether or not she would get a degree was never a question for Andrea Providence. It was something she knew she wanted to do from an early age, thanks to a commitment to education learned from her parents. It was the financial side of going back to school that was slightly more complicated.

As a working adult, Andrea knew that earning her bachelor’s degree would be important to her career, but she was uncertain if she could afford it. Andrea was fortunate to be working for an employer who provided tuition reimbursement, but soon learned that Peirce College provided a broad range of financial assistance.

She realized that she couldn’t let financial fears get in the way of her goals, and made the decision to return to Peirce to complete her bachelor’s degree.

Below is a letter she wrote to those working adults whose financial fears are holding them back from continuing their education. Know that there are countless resources available to help you develop a financial plan that will put you on the path to degree completion.


My name is Andrea Providence and I returned to Peirce College in 2007 to complete my degree in Paralegal Studies. My college journey began in North Philadelphia where I was raised the oldest of three children. My parents, both high school graduates, instilled in me at an early age the desire to earn a degree and in 1982 I proudly received my associate’s from an area college.

Although my associate degree helped me get a job as a claims adjuster with Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia, I knew that having a bachelor’s degree would better enhance my career path. I was eager to pursue a B.S. in Paralegal Studies, but was unsure if I could afford it.

At that time, several of my coworkers attended Peirce as part of Independence Blue Cross’s partnership with the College. Soon after, I too enrolled through tuition reimbursement from my employer. I quickly learned that Peirce works hard to help students get the financial support they need through partnerships with local employers, scholarships and other tuition assistance. In fact, they saved me money by accepting all my previous associate degree credits.

Before returning to Peirce, like you, I knew the value of a college degree but was intimidated by the cost. Don’t let your financial fears hold you back. Peirce’s financial assistance makes the decision to go back to school a "no-brainer!" Talk to the College’s Readmit Team at their June Open House and learn about tuition discounts and reimbursement. They will help you build a financial plan that will meet your needs and put you on the path to degree completion. To register, visit or call 888.GO.PEIRCE (888-467-3472), ext. 9026, today!

Best Wishes,

Andrea Providence
Paralegal Studies Student
Peirce College