Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Making the most of Career Development Services: Help CDS help you!

That's me, Jasmine!
Hello again! You might remember me from last summer -- my name is Jasmine Ross. I am a rising junior in high school and a returning Career Development Services (CDS) intern. As a returning intern at Peirce, I now realize more than ever the importance of an internship and how it will prepare me for many future experiences in the workforce.

Making a good impression and taking advantage of every opportunity to learn are just two of the many crucial aspects of a successful internship. Another important aspect is positioning yourself for future job opportunities.

Over the past two summers, I have learned a lot about the personalized guidance and support services that CDS offers Peirce students as they explore their careers. This exposure helped me understand that I had some of this guidance available to me in my high school as well.

Similar to Peirce’s CDS, we have a counselor’s office in my high school. That office serves as a support system for students who are looking for guidance on everything from personal challenges to finding educational and job opportunities.

The counselors are there to help you plan a road map for your high school career as well as life after high school, and they connect students with so many opportunities to prepare for the future. With help from my school's counselors, I had the chance to participate in an academically challenging Summer College Opportunity Program in Education (SCOPE) at Penn State.

All of these experiences have taught me the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities and resources available at my school. You should do the same! I strongly encourage you to come to CDS and see what they have to offer! You have absolutely nothing to lose, but a handful of opportunities to gain.

If you have already started to build a relationship with CDS, I would like to hear from you! In order for the department to continue to strengthen its services and programs, it welcomes your feedback. Let me know what experience you had with CDS and what impact it’s had on your professional development. If you have opportunities for improvement, I’d like to hear those too.

But please hurry -- I’d like to collect and share your thoughts with the team by Aug. 29, so send me your feedback as soon as you can! Send an email to me at CarDevTemp@Peirce.edu and please include your name, contact information, your experience with CDS, feedback, and whatever else you’d like to share. CDS would like to hear from you and so would I!