Thursday, September 1, 2011

Setting the stage for academic success with orientation programs

Most colleges have some sort of orientation program to ease the transition and better prepare students for college life. At Peirce, we take it one step further by requiring all of our students to complete (and pass!) an orientation course within their first 14 weeks of study.

Students have two options to fulfill this mandatory orientation requirement: Peirce 100 and Peirce 101. The courses add value to the college experience by introducing the tools and skills needed to achieve academic, career, and personal success.

Whether you are an adult learner returning to school after a long break, a traditional-age student who is coming to college straight from high school, or anywhere in between, getting a proper orientation to college life is an important step.

Adapting to more rigorous college courses, working independently in an accelerated environment, and balancing new expectations can be challenging no matter how strong of a student you are. Orientation programs help students transition into college, set them up for success, and ensure they feel ready to come back semester after semester!

Are you new to Peirce? If so, here’s what you need to know about the two options for fulfilling your mandatory orientation requirement:

  • Peirce 100 (PRC 100) -- Our brand new Student Success Seminar is launching this September with a focus on orienting students to the new requirements and rigors of college life. The three-credit, seven-week course -- which can be taken on campus or online -- is an overall orientation to college culture for all new, returning, or transfer students with less than 15 college-level credits. PRC 100 includes:
    • What it means to be a prepared college student, with a focus on establishing good study habits, note-taking tips, time management strategies, research techniques, computer skills, and critical thinking skills.
    • An introduction to college resources and support services, including financial aid, career development services, navigating the online and on campus classroom experience, and the Peirce Library.
    • Assessment of individual learning styles.
    • Learning how education and your career connect: Develop a student success plan for how to better utilize resources and connect education to career success. This includes the importance of networking and getting involved in professional associations.
  • Peirce 101 (PRC 101) -- This one-credit Peirce Orientation is our traditional preparation program for students who already have 15 or more college-level credits. This course is offered primarily online, and is designed to help familiarize returning or transfer students with the college's services, and refresh skills that will assist you in earning your degree. PRC 101 includes:
    • Information about student services and college policies and procedures.
    • Information about study skills, conducting research, and the MLA (Modern Language Associate) method of formatting research papers and documenting resources.
    • Information about ordering books and financing your education.
    • A College Student Inventory which helps students assess their learning style.
    • Information regarding advising and registration.
We want our students to be armed with the skills and resources needed to adapt to life as a college student. Additional support services for first-year students are offered through the First Year Initiative and every student is matched with an advisor who can help direct them to the support they need throughout their entire college experience.

To register for PRC 100 or PRC 101, contact the Admissions Office at 888-GO-PEIRCE, ext. 9214; go to and click on "My Classes;" or contact your program advisor. Students can also visit for more details and we’re here to help with any questions you might have!