Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Arming our armed forces with the resources to go to college after military service

Going from soldier to college student is a unique experience, one best understood by those who have gone through it themselves. To celebrate Veteran’s Day and bring our military students together, Peirce hosted a brunch to honor the men and women who serve our country. The approximately 30 veterans in attendance were able to talk with fellow service members about their experiences in the military, and in the classroom.

Peirce President Jim Mergiotti talks with military students at Veteran's Day brunch

We shared some fun facts about Peirce military students through the years, from the military history of the College to what we offer our current military students today. We took our many years of experience working with military students and translated that into some important, real-world advice and information about what service members should look for in any college they consider.

Whether they are active duty and taking courses online, transitioning back to the civilian world after a deployment, or going back to school as a veteran, military students have a unique set of needs. I talked about finding the best schools for military members in a previous post, but here are a few quick reminders for what to look for:

Most importantly, we wanted to show our continued appreciation for our veterans, make sure they know about the services available to military students here on campus, and let them know we are always here and willing to assist them -- a small way to serve them in return.

A special thanks to the TRIO Veterans Upward Bound program for their attendance and continued support of Peirce College. Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) is one of eight federally funded TRIO programs that offer student support services. In particular, VUB is designed to motivate and assist veterans in their academic pursuits.

Also, thanks to all the Peirce College staff that attended and assisted with the event. And of course, thank you to the men and women who serve in our country’s armed forces.