Monday, January 9, 2012

30 things to know about making a living as a health information technology professional

The average salary of a healthcare information technology professional stands at $114,176. What’s more, workers have experienced an average salary increase of roughly 4.68 percent across all types of organizations between 2009 and when the data was collected in 2010. In his Jan. 5 article about the booming field of health information technology for Becker’s Hospital Review, Bob Herman reports these stats and more from the latest HIMSS Compensation Survey.

In his article, “30 Statistics on Health IT Compensation for Hospitals,” Herman takes an in-depth look at compensation in the field of health IT. He also tapped me for my perspective on what I’ve been seeing on this front and included some of my thoughts in his article.

If you’re considering this career path, click over to the article for more of Herman’s extensive reporting about the job opportunities, skills in high demand, average salary expectations, and factors that impact compensation in the health IT industry.