Friday, January 6, 2012

How IT professionals can stay relevant in 2012

There are varying views on whether the traditional role of an IT professional will be relevant in 2012 or not. The one thing most everyone can agree on is that it is a fast-changing field!

ITTechNewsDaily contributor Kim Ann Zimmermann recently took a look at this topic in her article, “Is IT Becoming Obsolete?” (which also appears here on She asked me about the changes to the field and whether I think all of the latest advances in technology and IT infrastructure are reducing the need for traditional IT workers.

Jump over to ITTechNewsDaily to read some of my thoughts that Kim included in her article.

No matter what, if you’re considering a career in IT, it is crucial to stay current by getting the training and education that will help you hone the new set of skills needed to stay relevant in your field in 2012.

What do you think the latest technological advances mean for the IT field? Whether you are already working in the industry and striving to stay relevant, or studying to pursue a career in IT, we want to hear from you. What skills and training do you think will be in demand in IT in 2012?