Friday, January 27, 2012

Join Peirce on our social networks … Facebook, Twitter, and beyond

You might not know that Peirce was one of the first colleges in the country to start a serious blogging program. We got into the game very early and we’ve been at it for a while, but did you know we also have some other social media channels?

Here’s a snapshot of where you can find Peirce College on some of the most popular social networks.

All of these networks are a great place to interact, stay up to date, get involved, and engage with the rest of the Peirce community.

We got involved in these networks because we know this is where you are and where you want us to be, and now we want to know how we’re doing. What would you like to see more of from us? How else can we make sure we’re offering the kind of interaction and stories you’re looking for? Leave a comment below with questions or suggestions!