Thursday, February 2, 2012

On the books with Peirce professor Robyn Edelstein

Robyn Edelstein, Professor of General Education at Peirce, is many things to many people. As a professor, writer, wife, and mother, Robyn can connect with people on many different levels, and her students find comfort in relating to her life experience.

Her students learn more from her than just what she teaches from a textbook. Robyn’s mantra is all about the importance of having an open mind and embracing new experiences. Many of her students have told us that they learn a great deal from the life experiences she shares in the classroom, as well as her passion for education.

We interviewed Robyn to talk about the lifelong love for reading and writing that inspired her to become a professor, what kind of impact she hopes to have on her students, and what she’s learned from her 16 years teaching at Peirce. Click play on the video below to get to know Robyn!

Thank you, Robyn, for giving us a look into what makes you tick, both in and out of the classroom!