Thursday, March 29, 2012

Patrick Coyle: What hasn’t he done?

To an outsider, it might look like Patrick Coyle already has a significant list of accomplishments to his name. But if you ask him, he’s just getting started.

Patrick is currently an Associate Professor, Information Technology at Peirce, but his career path has taken him in many different directions, leading him to where he is today. He held various computer networking jobs, and then spent eight years in the field of physical and data security before he began teaching full-time.

Patrick also just completed his dissertation to earn his Ph.D. The topic? The experiences of older students going back to school, a subject he knows from experience. Patrick went back to school in his 40s looking for a career change.

Patrick recently sat down with us to talk about this, as well as the unique experience of teaching working adults, and why working with adult learners is such a special experience. Watch the video below to hear what he had to say.

Thanks again Patrick for taking the time to share your story -- and good luck with whatever you do next!