Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do’s and don’ts for using LinkedIn in your job search and career development

If you’ve been following all of our coverage from our recent LinkedIn workshop with Robb Pardee, you know that LinkedIn is vital to professional networking and career success. Not only does the platform offer you an opportunity to manage your online reputation and control the message and information you want the world to see, but it has become a key job search and recruitment tool. Members include 18.8 million business decision makers, 4.2 million corporate executives, and 1.3 million small-business owners. Who wouldn’t want to be in front of that crowd during a job search?

We dove into all of this in greater depth during our seminar, and we want to spread the knowledge so that no one misses out on the advice for leveraging LinkedIn for career success. With Robb’s help and expertise, we’ve created a list of important LinkedIn do’s and don’ts.

We developed this to be a go-to guide for everyone looking to enhance their LinkedIn profile and strategy, so feel free to print it out or share it with your friends. And as Robb mentioned during the seminar, he’s happy to answer questions or dive deeper into certain topics, so feel free to contact him using the information provided in the resource.