Friday, September 28, 2012

The Philadelphia Business Journal has exciting news to share – Peirce College will soon offer master’s degrees!

Many of our undergraduate students and alumni have told us about the success they've achieved by pursuing higher education at Peirce. We've featured a few of their stories on the blog before. Many of them have also told us how important lifelong learning and career advancement is to them.

Many students have also asked us what other options are available to help further their education and career. We recognized an ideal way to meet this need and are now proud to announce the launch of graduate level education at Peirce College! The new master's degree program focuses on helping students sharpen their leadership abilities, while providing a means for lifelong learning.

We provided the details of our jump into graduate education to Philadelphia Business Journal reporter Peter Key, who reported on our new program today. Check out the story for more details about the program, including how it can help your career and how you can get involved. Simply click on the link, then scroll over to page 4 for the full article.

We'll be posting more details about the program on the blog on Monday and in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out here for all the latest news.