Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Finish 2012 strong with an academic workshop from the Walker Center

ON TRACK: The Walker Center provides workshops
year-round to help you succeed in your classes
It can seem overwhelming to balance work, life, and earning your degree at any point during the year, but adult leaders can feel especially stretched thin during the holiday season. So we're continuing to offer academic workshops at the Walker Center through the New Year to keep you on track with your studies amid all the extra activities.

The Session 2 schedule includes academic workshops that will help with academic writing and research, as well as math skills. There are also personal development workshops to help you maintain work-life balance and discover your passion and purpose, and technology workshops, which cover the basics of Microsoft Word and Excel.

If you can't make in-person workshops, we're offering two online workshops as well. These are designed to help you increase your analytical thinking skills and develop good study habits. Check out the flyer for upcoming workshop dates and details.

To register for any of the workshops listed, contact the Walker Center at 888.467.3472, ext. 9251, 
or email We look forward to seeing you!