Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Philadelphia Tribune shines the spotlight on our new master’s degree program

The media continues to buzz about our launch of graduate-level education.

The latest is from The Philadelphia Tribune writer Damon Williams, who interviewed Peirce president Jim Mergiotti about why we created our Organizational Leadership & Management master’s degree program.

Damon wrote an article last week that explains why we created the program and how we hope it will benefit adult learners in Philadelphia. When asked why we chose Organizational Leadership & Management as our first master’s degree program, Jim told Damon:
This particular [program] was selected because what we had was an opportunity with MSOLM to provide leadership and managerial skills to complement what students had on the technical side…Many students have undergrad IT or business and legal degrees, and this gives the best of both worlds to those students. Coupled with a graduate program that is leadership oriented - one that helps them understand how organizations work and behave – will teach these folks how to take that next step in their careers.
To read the rest of Damon's coverage of our master's degree program, check out the full article now. Thanks, Damon, for highlighting our news!