Monday, October 8, 2012

Some guidance for deciding if a career in HR is right for you

Job growth in the administrative and support sector is projected to grow by 21 percent by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It's anticipated that many of those jobs will be in employment and human resources services. So it's worth asking yourself: Is a career in human resources right for you?

I spoke with Julia West at Metro Philadelphia recently about just that topic and filled her in on what personality traits work best for human resources professionals. I mentioned that you must have a strong sense of ethics and confidentiality to work in human resources, and that people who can keep to themselves and not divulge sensitive information are best suited for the profession.

For more on what I and other experts said, be sure to read the full article.

CAREER IN HR? How to know if it's right for you

We love this topic at Peirce, and put together a few additional questions you should ask yourself in order to accurately determine if you are someone who would enjoy and succeed in a human resources position. These include:

Are you detail-oriented? In human resources, when you are managing areas such as payroll, benefits, discipline, compliance, and workplace safety, there is very little room for error. Human resources professionals need to be accurate, timely, and have a good memory.

Can you remain objective? As a human resources professional, it can be difficult at times to remain objective to the employee's needs and the company's needs. However, it's crucial that both needs are in balance and that you remain impartial.

Are you respectful and tactful? There are many great aspects of human resources, but there are some responsibilities that can be difficult, such as handling layoffs, discipline, or conflict. A good human resource employee must be sure these issues are handled diplomatically, tactfully, and respectfully.

Would you add anything else to this list? Let us know in a comment.