Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Examining the return on investment of a college degree

The economic recession and tough job market have caused some people to ask if a college degree is still worth the investment. But researchers have found support that shows a college degree is still worthwhile, citing that people with a college degree earn more over their lifetime, are less likely to be unemployed, and have more job prospects right now.

However, students should still take steps to maximize their return on investment in a college education, including choosing the right school for them, understanding the financial implications of attending college, and considering the long-term relevancy of their degree. Fox Business reporter Emily Driscoll tapped me for my thoughts on financial considerations to make before attending college, and I was happy to share some advice for her readers.

You can read Emily's article in full for a list to consider, ensuring you get the best return on investment for your college degree. Thanks for including my advice in your article, Emily!