Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Philadelphia’s Papa Playground gets a makeover on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

GIVE BACK: 39 members of the Peirce community
helped beautify Papa Playground in West Philadelphia
Every year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Americans are encouraged to honor Dr. King's legacy by giving back to their local communities through the Martin Luther King Day of Service. While it's a nationwide initiative, some of the biggest celebrations happen right here in Philadelphia.

We wanted to join our community in this year's efforts to give back. So on Jan. 21, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 39 Peirce students, alumni, and faculty and staff members, including our President and CEO Jim Mergiotti, volunteered at Papa Playground to give back to the community.

The playground is located in West Philadelphia, and offers many programs for community members beyond the playground equipment, including Girl and Boy Scouts, summer camps, after school programs, and senior citizen events. It's a centerpiece of the community, but was in need of some repairs and general maintenance.
Our volunteers helped remove branches and stumps for mulching, cut back trees, pruned, mulched, and picked up litter around the park. Including the Peirce group, over 75 people came out to volunteer that day, and we were so proud to have been a part of it. Check out some pictures we took while participating in the Day of Service.

We met many local community members who told us what cleaning up the park meant to them. They told us the park is an epicenter of their community, and to have people take an interest and help clean it up was truly inspiring. Community members rely 100 percent on the kindness of others in maintaining the area, and when groups come in and help, it encourages others to keep the park beautiful.

On a similar note, many of our volunteers said helping beautify Papa Playground was the best volunteering experience they've ever had. They had a lot of fun, and loved that they left the park more beautiful than when they found it.

Helping and volunteering is very important to us at the College. One of our core values is to encourage growth, and that happens both inside and outside of the classroom. When it comes to volunteering, you get just as much as you give back.

We had a great day helping the people at Papa Playground beautify the park. If you're interesting in learning about upcoming volunteer opportunities with us, let us know!