Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In case you missed it: Peirce College in the news in February

We’re wrapping up some of our best press coverage in February in case you missed it. Our thought leaders have been out and about, speaking with members of the media on topics that range from financial considerations when choosing a college, to how to return to school as an adult learner. We wanted to round up some of those spotlights for a look at how Peirce College is catching the media's attention:

Five Tips for Winning College Scholarship Money. More than $3 billion in private scholarships are awarded to college students each year, according to higher education database BrainTrack. FOXBusiness reporter Emily Driscoll tapped Chanel Greene, the Manager of the Office of Financial Aid at Peirce College, for tips on how students can earn scholarships to ease their college costs. Chanel offered up great advice, including encouraging students to get creative when filling out scholarship forms, as well as warning against becoming overzealous with the competition.

Back to Work after Baby: How to Get Your Career Back on Track. If you paused your career or education after having a baby, CaféYak writer Anna Harris put together a list of tips to help you reorient yourself and get back in the game. Anna asked Uva Coles, Vice President, Student Services, for her advice to mothers looking to make this transition. Hop over to her article to read Uva’s advice and more.

11 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Cut College Debt Now. Whether you’re looking to send your child to school or are debating earning a degree yourself, cost is a huge consideration when choosing a college to attend. Chanel Greene offered U.S. News and World Report writer Richard Satran tips to save money in all aspects of the college enrollment process. Just one of the tips she offered: Everyone should fill out the FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid), regardless of income level. There are a lot of factors that are taken into account when giving a student financial aid, and you’ll never know what you and your family are eligible for unless you fill out the FASFA.

We hope these articles are useful and informative to you. Feel free to share them around, and comment on any of them here.