Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Get a head start in the health field with Peirce College’s Health Programs events

LEARN TOGETHER: Our cancer registry
training was a success!
Our Health Programs events are in full swing to help students learn about health career possibilities in Philadelphia and help them begin getting involved in the industry.

Peirce College recently hosted a two-day training course for Peirce students to learn about a career as a cancer registrar and the basics of cancer data collection. Twenty students and four health programs faculty members participated in the training, and we were thrilled at their overwhelmingly positive response.

If you’re wondering what a cancer registrar is, it’s a person who’s highly trained in data collection and management. It’s their job to report cancer statistics and they are employed at every level in the cancer surveillance community, including hospitals, state cancer registries, regulatory agencies, accrediting organizations, researchers, pharmaceutical firms, software vendors, and contract service providers. Many people don’t know about the career path of cancer registry, but it’s a growing field with tremendous opportunities for certified professionals.
The event was co-hosted by the Pennsylvania Cancer Registry (PCR), the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s cancer data collection system that records incidences of cancer statewide and provides data to help physicians, researchers, and other health professionals. On hand we had Wendy Aldinger, RHIA, CTR, who is the Quality Assurance Manager for the Pennsylvania Cancer Registry.

She led the training, and was accompanied by guest speakers Dina M. Pakstis, CTR, Special Projects Coordinator at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Fran Guiles, RHIA, CTR, Manager, Oncology Data Services at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. These professionals shared their knowledge with students throughout the training, and it was a great opportunity for attendees to network with representatives from large Philadelphia health organizations.

We snapped some photos of our attendees engaging in this special, hands-on training that we wanted to share with you:

At the conclusion of the training, attendees received a certificate of completion signed by Ms. Aldinger. Although it doesn’t make them qualified to sit for the official exam, it does demonstrate to a prospective employer that these students got specialized training and have a degree of familiarity with cancer registry.

Many students in our Health Information Technology program have a great academic foundation to get into this line of work. If you’re interested in finding out more information about cancer registry, visit the National Cancer Registrar Association’s website. We’re also planning to offer an evening training like this one during the 2013-2014 academic year.

We appreciate everyone who helped make this training a success, and we want to especially thank Wendy, Dina, and Fran for helping Peirce students learn about this career field.