Thursday, May 30, 2013

3 tips to enhance your leadership abilities

LEARN TO LEAD: 3 tips to help you become a better leader
Many employers look for job candidates that have strong leadership abilities. This makes sense -- a strong leader interacts and relates well to colleagues, as well as inspires peers to work toward benefiting themselves and the organization.

Because this skill is important to employers, Peirce holds events throughout the year to help you hone your leadership skills in your job, family, and community. One of these events was our inaugural Men in Leadership panel discussion, held on April 26.

Panelists and attendees shared many tips for leadership throughout the night, and we wanted to share a few of them with you here. Although the panel focused on men, these tips will work for anyone trying to improve their leadership skills.
  1. Welcome learning in all its forms. Almost any position in today’s world, whether it’s in your career, family, or community, involves being a lifelong learner. Don’t be afraid to continually absorb knowledge from those around you. Superiors, colleagues, subordinates, friends, and family all have different life and professional experiences, and bring something new to the table. Be open to their opinions. And don’t forget about professional development. Take classes, attend seminars, and read the latest studies and news in your industry. This can help you become a better-rounded professional and leader.
  2. Don't hinder your opportunities. There is a very good chance that your five-year job plan will be different from what you expect today. You might even have a position that doesn’t exist right now! Keep your thumb on the pulse of your interest and industry, and be an early adopter of new technologies and philosophies. This can help you become a thought leader and open new possibilities in your career.
  3. Embrace responsibility. Being a leader in the 21st century means accepting responsibility for your actions and outcomes, both personally and professionally. Don’t shy away from a challenge. Embrace it and use soft skills, such as creativity and collaboration, to overcome any obstacles you might face.
These are just some of the tips attendees shared at this event. Many also reported that they sharpened their communications, listening, and mentoring skills, as well as expanded their personal and professional networks.

Dr. Pat Coyle was a wonderful master of ceremonies, and we couldn’t have done the event without him. Mr. Jim Smith, Jr. was our featured guest speaker and touched on the importance of self-assessment, and knowing your worth in your personal and professional endeavors.

We want to thank the staff, faculty, volunteers, alumni, and students who helped put the event together. It was the combined efforts of the Peirce community that made it successful.