Friday, May 3, 2013

Media spotlight on Peirce College's students and faculty

Local and national media have been covering some of the good work of our students and faculty members over the past month. We wanted to share a few of these stories with you in case you missed them.

College is a family affair for the Johnsons. Metro reporter Natalie Shure interviewed Marketa and Carlos Johnson, a mother and son who attend Peirce together, to hear about how they balance work, home responsibilities, and earning their college degrees. For more on their story, you can flip back to the blog post we wrote about Carlos and Marketa earlier this year.

4 ways college students should spend their tax refund. If you've gotten or are expecting a tax refund this year, consider spending it on school-related expenses. FOXBusiness reporter Emily Driscoll tapped Chanel Greene, the Manager of the Office of Financial Aid here at Peirce, about how students should use their 2013 tax refund. Chanel suggested paying off student loans or keeping some tucked away for an emergency to ensure there are no financial roadblocks to completing your education.

Transit-oriented enjoyment in Wayne. Jovanna Acchione Bevilacqua, a 1981 alumna of the College; her husband; and her son own Fabio & Danny's Station Cafe, located on the Philadelphia-bound side of the Main Line tracks in Wayne, Pa. Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer Jeremy Dillon covered the restaurant's recent decision to host Friday-night BYOB dinners, and the impact recent transit-oriented developments have had on local businesses in Wayne. We're so proud of the strides that our alumni make in the Philadelphia community!

How to get the most out of on-campus services. Uva Coles, Vice President, Student Services, gave her advice to FOXBusiness reporter Emily Driscoll about how students can get the most out of on-campus student services. Uva touches on the importance of visiting Career Development Services, a tutoring center (like Peirce's Walker Center), and the Financial Aid office to set you up for success and help you get the most of your college experience.

We hope you enjoy these articles. Thank you to all editors of these publications for featuring Peirce College.