Monday, July 8, 2013

Why it’s important to join professional organizations in college

LEARN MORE: Join professional organizations to
broaden your knowledge in your subject area and
network with peers
There’s a lot more to earning a college degree than attending your classes and taking your tests. We also recommend joining professional organizations to increase your knowledge in your subject area; network with peers, professors, and professionals in your field; and enrich your overall college experience.

Case in point is Nelida (Nellie) Otero, one of our Peirce students who’s a good example of what you can achieve by being a part of a professional organization. Nellie, currently enrolled in our Associate in Science degree program in Health Information Technology, is part of the Pennsylvania Health Information Management Association (PHIMA). PHIMA is dedicated to improving the quality of health information by uniting professionals to exchange ideas and information about the health care profession.

Nellie was recently selected to represent Peirce on the PHIMA Student Committee. The PHIMA Student Committee serves as the link between health information management students and PHIMA’s regional associations. It’s composed of one student from each Pennsylvania school with an accredited Health Information Management (HIM) or Health Information Technology (HIT) program.

We’re proud that Nellie will be representing Peirce, and will serve as the student liaison on the board of the regional association of PHIMA here in Philadelphia. Her leadership experience makes her a great fit for this role. Nellie is extremely passionate about Health Information Management and is committed to academic excellence.

I’ve enjoyed many one-on-one meetings with Nellie to better understand her career goals and aspirations and I am confident that this volunteer leadership role will further prepare her for future success as an HIM professional. We could not be more proud to have Nellie represent the College. Nellie also plans to continue her education in our Bachelor of Science in Health Information Administration program after completing her associate degree.

This experience will help Nellie hone her real-world skills, network with professionals in her field, and help her stand out during her job search after she graduates. I am confident Nellie will represent Peirce College well and add valuable contributions to the PHIMA Student Committee. Congratulations, Nellie!