Thursday, August 22, 2013

Congratulations to our recent scholarship recipients!

SCHOOL SAVINGS: Highlighting three Peirce students who will
receive scholarships toward their education
Scholarships are one of the most common ways to help pay for a college education. In fact, scholarships, as well as grants, are used more than any other type of funding, covering 30 percent of total college costs for a typical family, according to Sallie Mae's How America Pays for College. That’s why we dedicate a significant amount of time to helping our students find and apply for scholarships, as well as offering tuition resources through the College.

Three of the Peirce students who will benefit from scholarships this school year are Dale Jefferson, Jennifer Shaw, and Laurel Purdy. Dale and Jennifer have won the 4th Annual Mayor's Scholarship For City of Philadelphia Residents and Employees, and Laurel has been named the 2013 recipient of the Philadelphia Association of Paralegals Joan Weldon Scholarship Award. We want to recognize and congratulate them on their accomplishments today.

Two Peirce students are selected for the Mayor’s Scholarship each year -- one that is a Philadelphia resident and one that is a city employee. We had nearly 60 fantastic applicants, but could only pick two winners. The first awardee is Dale Jefferson, a current Peirce College student pursuing a degree in Information Technology who lives in Philadelphia. Dale was also recently awarded the Peirce College Walker Center Rising Star Award.

Here at Peirce, Dale is a Work Study student who has gained experience in both the Facilities and Information Technology departments. He moved to Philadelphia two and a half years ago, and during his time here, he has developed a love for the city's historical past and intriguing culture.

Jennifer Shaw won the Mayor’s Scholarship as a city employee. She has worked for the city for the last 17 years in various roles in the Police and Public Health departments. Jennifer previously attended Peirce in the 1990's and received her associate degree in Applied Science. Jennifer is looking to return to Peirce College to finish her bachelor's degree. Both Dale and Jennifer received glowing recommendations in support of their scholarships and we’re very proud to call them Peirce students.

Laurel is currently enrolled in our post-bachelor certificate in Paralegal Studies, and is a tremendous representative of our Paralegal Studies program and the College. I asked Professor Ed Miller, who is also the Assistant Dean in our Legal Studies department, to speak a little bit about Laurel, and he had nothing but exceptional things to say about her:
“Laurel is a prime example of a student who has the ability, motivation, and commitment to succeed. From the very start of the PLG 100 (Introduction to the Paralegal Profession) course, Laurel charted out the action plan it takes to become a top quality legal professional. Laurel had no experience, connections, or contacts with the legal field when she started our program. Already, she has landed a paralegal position with a firm that she is incredibly excited to be a part of … and she is making the connection to the resources and opportunities of the professional associations a real part of her professional development plan.”
Congratulations to all of these scholarship winners!