Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Peirce College news for students, faculty, and educators

Members of the media have been tapping Peirce’s experts lately for insight on different topics, including educational guidance and career advice. We’re recapping some of these headlines today in case you missed them.

Taking a gap year: What students should consider. Deciding to take a year off between high school and college requires careful consideration. That’s why FOXBusiness reporter Emily Driscoll tapped Rita Toliver-Roberts, Vice President, Academic Advancement, for her advice on whether students should take a gap year. Rita advised that taking a gap year for the right reasons, such as “feeling under prepared for the academic rigors of college, needing more time to find the right-fit school, or wanting to seek out experiential opportunities and work/career experience” is OK. However, she cautioned against taking a gap year just for a break, as “in our competitive society, taking a break for the sake of simply ‘resting’ should not be an option.”

Degrees you can earn while keeping a busy schedule. Many people choose to earn their degree online to save time they would spend commuting to campus. Jon Lenrow, Associate Dean of Operations and Faculty Support and Stephanie Donovan, Faculty Chair of Health Programs provided their insight to reporter Diana Bocco on degrees that are perfect for virtual learning. Some of the programs included in the Yahoo! Education article are Information Technology, Healthcare Administration, Business Administration, and Criminal Justice.

Education is a vital role in becoming a health care administrator in Philadelphia. Reporter Christina Thompson featured the thoughts of Faculty Chair of Health Programs, Stephanie Donovan, in CBS 3 Philly about the increasing importance healthcare administrators are playing in the Philadelphia job market. Stephanie offers advice on the day-to-day duties of a healthcare administrator, how to prepare for a career in the field, and what education healthcare administrators need to complete.

How to handle the fashion offender in the workplace. It can be difficult to know how to approach an employee who isn’t dressing appropriately for the office. Robyn Dizes, Manager of Career Development Services, provided her advice to reporter Kathryn Tuggle on TheStreet.com about how to handle this delicate situation. "Emphasize to the employee that the recommended attire is in line with the company's mission statement and culture," Robyn said. "That will allow you to illustrate the importance of perception and what is expected and necessary to convey the right level of professionalism in a given workplace."

Tips for finding part-time work in college. FOXBusiness reporter Emily Driscoll tapped Robyn Dizes for her advice on whether students should hold a part-time job while in college. Robyn stressed the importance of trying to find paid internship opportunities or temporary positions in your chosen field to help you earn some extra cash and also add relevant experience to your resume.

We hope these articles are helpful! Thanks to these reporters and editors for including Peirce College experts in their stories.