Thursday, October 10, 2013

Shining the spotlight on our star Year Up students

Recognizing the hard work and dedication of students can have a huge positive impact on their continued success. So we love shining the spotlight on students who exemplify these traits while in pursuit of a college degree.

Every few weeks, Margaret Rizzo, Associate Director of Operations and People Development for Year Up, will be highlighting a few students who deserve kudos for their stellar attitude and motivation in our Professional Training Corps program. Keep checking back here for updates!

Elesha Merritt has already established herself as a beacon of positivity for the class. Her positive energy and bright smile fuel the class on a daily basis. Elesha, from North Philadelphia, is the embodiment of what it means to seek to understand before being understood. She has consistently shown that she is a role model by bringing her best self to the table in each interaction; she brings out the best in others simply by being herself.

Jeshaiah Nixon, from Northeast Philadelphia, is a creative thinker who does not shy away from providing his fresh perspective. He actively participates in activities and goes the extra mile to engage in all discussions. He brings a ton of fresh enthusiasm, and it is clear that Jeshaiah is committed to excellence in all that he does.

Angel Ponce is originally from North Philadelphia and is a member of the National Guard. He has already proven himself to be a hard worker and leverages his positive leadership style to motivate others. Angel excels at accomplishing his tasks through a commitment to respecting and valuing others and striving to learn.