Thursday, February 27, 2014

Peirce celebrates Black History Month with the Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble and professor Larry G. Arrington, Jr.

Each year, it’s important to us at Peirce to plan a Black History Month event that will recognize the contributions of our country’s African-American leaders, artists, activists, and authors.

Last Thursday, we welcomed the Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble and Larry G. Arrington, Jr., adjunct professor at Peirce and Assistant Dean of Educational Support Services at the Community College of Philadelphia, to the college to headline our celebration.

Adjunct professor Arrington opened the event and provided historical context to the tradition of celebrating Black History Month. He highlighted important African-American historical figures in education and their accomplishments.

After adjunct professor Arrington’s speech, we enjoyed a one-of-a-kind performance by The Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble. This dance troupe is one of the largest professional, authentic African dance and drum ensembles in the country, and we found out why it’s hailed as the best of its kind by scholars and historians from all over the world. The movements, sounds, and energy of its performance is impossible to put into words, so we captured a portion of it on video to share with those who couldn't make it.

We’d like to extend a warm thank you to both the troupe and professor Arrington for celebrating with us!