Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Featured Alumna: Holly Frey

The only person who seems to be amazed by how much Holly Frey ’10 has accomplished in the last decade
SUCCESS STORY: Holly Frey is achieving
her dream of becoming a lawyer.
is Holly Frey herself: “If someone had told me before I went back to school that this is where I would be in 2014, I would have been surprised but thrilled.” But in examining her academic career since she returned to school in 2006, it is clear that Holly has earned all of her achievements, one success after another.

Before coming to Peirce in 2008, she was an honors graduate of the Bucks County Community College Paralegal Studies Program, where she was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. She went onto become a summa cum laude graduate from Peirce with a bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies. Holly was honored as the 2010 commencement speaker and a winner of that year’s Raymond L. Palzer '52 Academic Leadership Award.  

After applying  to several area law schools, she chose to attend Widener Law School in Wilmington, Del. She is currently ranked #1 in her evening school class, and serves as a research assistant for two professors. In addition, Holly was recently appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of the Widener Law Review. Her class rank and work on last year’s Review, as well as an intense interview process, culminated in her being offered the prestigious assignment.

In addition to her work in the classroom, Holly has a very demanding job as a paralegal with Hardwick Collier, LLC in Doylestown, Pa. An active volunteer with Peirce, she serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors as well as the Paralegal and Career Advisory Boards.

Where does Holly get the drive to achieve so much? By becoming a lawyer, Holly is fulfilling a dream she has held since she was 12 years old. Although she was diverted from her ultimate career goal for years, she has been undaunted since deciding to resume her studies. In addition to the support offered by her husband Scott and daughter Tori, she has been sustained by the faculty, staff, and classmates of the schools she has attended. In that way, she perceives similarities in her Peirce and Widener experiences: excellent professional preparation combined with deep personal fulfillment. As Holly says, “I am so made for this ... I love them and they love me.”

 As she completes year three of a four-year law school program, Holly is looking ahead to the next challenge she is facing: what career path to follow once she earns her J.D. degree in 2015. She is applying for Federal District Court and State clerk ships, and is also contemplating working with an advocacy agency like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. But whichever professional opportunity she ultimately chooses, the only person who will be surprised at the success she will undoubtedly achieve is Holly Frey herself.