Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Get registration-ready with Program Pride Week: April 14-17

Registration for the 2014-2015 school year begins soon and this year, we have some new initiatives to help students prior to and during the registration process. Take a look below to see how we can help you each step of the way.

Before registration
To help prepare for registration, we’ve created a checklist of steps for you to follow to stay on track for graduation:

  • Complete the FAFSA at www.FAFSA.gov
  • Contact your Financial Aid Specialist to ensure all important documents have been received (SFS@peirce.edu or 215.670.9600)
  • Review your Advising Worksheet on the My Advising tab on my.peirce.edu for your remaining degree requirements
  • Review the course schedule on my.peirce.edu to see when required courses are offered – take note of any courses you need that are only offered once or twice a year so you can register for that course and remain on track for graduation 
  • Register for classes on the My Classes tab on my.peirce.edu, or contact your Academic Advisor
  • Order your books at www.ecampus.com/Peirce
  • Contact your Academic Advisor with any questions, concerns, or for course recommendations (AdvisingCenter@peirce.edu or 275.670.9177)

During registration
As an extra celebration, this year, the College is presenting Program Pride Week from April 14-17. Program Pride Week will celebrate each academic program offered at Peirce College, providing each program’s students the opportunity to showcase the pride they have for their area of study, and to help students register for the courses they need to be successful. 
PROGRAM PRIDE: We're hoping
everyone shows support for their programs
during Program Pride Week! 

Each day during the week of registration we will be featuring one Peirce College alumni from each of our divisions: Business, General Studies, Healthcare, Information Technology, and Legal Studies, to highlight the success of Peirce graduates in their respective fields. 

Current students can also show pride for their programs by visiting our Facebook page, where we will highlight a different program each day and give students an opportunity to share what they love most about their programs in the comments section. You can also Tweet about your program using hashtag #PeircePride. Share why you chose your program and how you’ll use it in your career. We’re looking forward to some great discussion! 

The College will also have boards set up throughout the lobby during Program Pride Week, so students can share why they think their program is the best. At the end of the week, we’ll preserve these thoughts and display them proudly!

Finally, we’ll also be providing One-Stop-Shops for registration, where both academic advisors and financial aid specialists are available in the evenings during the first week of registration. Students will be able to receive advice on course selection and make their appointments to register for classes, as well as ensure that they have the financial aid to pay for them, all in one place! The One-Stop-Shop will be set up in the Admissions Office on the first floor of College Hall, so make sure to stop by before class or during your class breaks. We'll provide refreshments and giveaways at each event, so schedule a time with your advisor now and stay on track for graduation.
We hope that these upcoming events will get you excited and prepared for registration week. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule a time to visit your advisor during our One-Stop-Shop, please contact your academic advisor at advisingcenter@peirce.edu.