Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Program Pride Week Profile: Recognizing the opportunities of Peirce’s Healthcare Program

HARD WORK PAYS OFF: Our Healthcare
students go on to make a difference in
people's lives.
Last year, Peirce College achieved a major milestone: we are the only college in Center City Philadelphia to offer an accredited associate degree in Health Information Technology (HIT).

When we received the accreditation, Stephanie Donovan our Faculty Chair of Health Programs, put it best: “We are very excited about the opportunities for our graduates in one of the country’s fastest growing and most in-demand fields. By securing an industry standard accreditation, area employers can feel certain in their decision to hire graduates of Peirce’s HIT program and can expect these hires to contribute to their organizations on day one of their employment as a result of their education.”

But a degree in HIT is just one of the many options Peirce offers when it comes to achieving a dynamic healthcare career. Our Healthcare Division offers several options spanning the scientific, business, and technological aspects of healthcare, translating into valuable skills that are essential for today’s employers.

Of the 20 fastest growing occupations in the economy, half are related to the skills taught in nonclinical healthcare programs, like the ones at Peirce. Professionals in this industry serve as the foundation for the entire healthcare system and are the link between care providers, payers, and patients.

They play a critical role in managing patient health information and medical records, administering computer information systems, collecting and analyzing patient data, analyzing financial data, and using classification systems that healthcare providers rely on to deliver quality care.

It’s no secret that medical facilities are busy places for professionals, and for patients it can be both scary and confusing. Nonclinical healthcare professionals work behind-the-scenes to ensure everything is running smoothly – overseeing the systems that the industry cannot function without.

Some of our Healthcare graduates have gone on to pursue careers in hospitals, clinics, specialty practices, managed care organizations, long-term facilities, health insurance, and health systems. We’re so proud of the work they've done and of the goals our current students have set and continue work towards, so in honor of Program Pride, we dedicate today to you! Keep up the great work!